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 The Musings of a Pack Mule

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostRe: The Musings of a Pack Mule

So, today I was stabbed. No, don't worry, I don't mean with a knife. (Besides, the assholes around here wouldn't dare try it.) I had my blood test. It was an amusing kerfuffle, to be honest.

Went to bed last night very tired after a meal of chips and gravy. Lee decided to borrow my lappy, so he was busy typing away on here most of the time. I fell asleep for all of two minutes and woke up feeling very irritable. What made it worse was that Lee had signed into Facebook to find a message from one of his exes. A chidlish little american 'princess' who can't seem to leave him be, even though he hates her guts. Thankfully, she'd removed him from her list. AT LAST WE ARE FREE FROM HER PATHETIC WHOREISH DRABBLE!

So, yes. That added to my anger somewhat...

I eventually fell asleep and I woke up this morning at 2:30AM-ish to find Lee was still online talking to folks on here. (Manda and Deena - I pestered both.) Lol. I got up to nip to the toilet and promptly crashed back into bed, only for Lee to switch off shortly after, as the internet cut out for no apparent reason. I eventually got to sleep and woke up at 10:30. Boy, was I annoyed at myself again. I got dressed and went for the half past 11 bus into town to get my blood test done at the hospital. Only thing was... It was only a few minutes before the bus was due and I realized I'd forgotten my blood form!

Back home, picked it up, went to Tesco, picked up grapes and water and caught the bus up. I was hoping I wasn't going to be too late, as the blood clinic closes at 12:30 and it was 1/4 past by the time we pulled in to Ripley market place and we still had to walk to the hospital.

Thankfully, we were fine and I think I was the last one that day for them to deal with. There was a woman before me and she got called in not long after we got there. She was a few minutes, then it was my turn to be vampirized. Nyaa

Got it, handed the form over, sat down and he chucked the arm strap on the wrong arm. I told him that the best arm to get blood from was my right one, as they've always had trouble finding my veins (I used to have to have it taken from the back of my hands when I was little.), so he put gthe strap on my other one. He did do it very tight though and he was being a bit impatient, because he didn't even wait for it to pop up. He just jabbed it in and missed. He spent a few minutes with the needle in going in and out trying to stab my vein. Eventually, he got it though and my blood was still as black as I remember it. (I've always had black blood, for some reason. I think I have high iron levels.)

Cotton wool ball on, tape on, walk out feeling sore with an insta-bruise. My arm still feels tight as I type. Lol.

I'll be going grocery shopping (Yawn) tonight, so I hope it feels less sore by then. I don't fancy having to myrtlize people for bashing into me. It's bad enough with my nerve problems. Ugh, I'm so going to have an arm phobia by the time this is over with...
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The Musings of a Pack Mule

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