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 The Busy Year Of A Patron

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

Female Capricorn Monkey
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PostSubject: The Busy Year Of A Patron   Thu May 07, 2009 4:08 pm

As some of you may know, my religion can only be described as Pagan/Wiccan. To most of you, you would know me by the more common term of 'Witch'. (Solitary-Traditional.) But, alas, I cannot fly on brooms, nor can I turn people into frogs. However, I do work with nature and use spells and charms, create potions and natural medicines to help people and, of course, give dues to many gods and goddesses.

I have my own particular favorite gods and goddesses that I have formed a special bond with. I pray to them if I need assistance, or advice and I give offerings on special days.

My list is as follows:

Gods of Kemet (Egyptian)

  • Osiris - I am a patron of him. He is the main god I serve under. My bond with him is special.
  • Thoth - God of knowledge, maths and creativity. He can be called upon to help with any situation involving any of the above subjects. I find him useful for inspiration and help revealing hidden truths.
  • Ra - The father. He is the awe-inspiring sun above. I ask him to watch over my loved ones and, sometimes, for the odd favor. I offer him ruby ale as a gift.
  • Horus - God of the living. I ask him for protection and strength. Also, I have a close bond with him. (Maternal feelings.)
  • Sekhmet - One must give her offering to keep her happy. She can also be asked for assistance in any battle. (Physical, legal... You name it.)
  • Seth - Although I am not at all in favour, he is to be respected. Seth is very useful at times and is not to be taken lightly.
  • Min - Min is the one I ask for assistance in love and *cough* other things. Wink They say you can see him in violent rain storms.
  • Tefnut - Is it raining? Want it to stop? Maybe it isn't raining enough? An offering to Tefnut never goes amiss. Wink

Other Gods/Goddesses/Angels/Arch Angels/Daemons/Important Spirits

  • Athena - Ask for her wisdom and guidance.
  • Diana - Help with love. Also birthday wishes. (After all, that's where birthday cakes come from. Grin )
  • Aphrodite - Same as above.
  • Eros - Same.
  • Lilith - Keep away curses, bad luck and other things. (I like Lilith quite a bit.)
  • Pan - Praised in a lot of natural magic. Another god I share a bond with.
  • Astarte/Asteroth - *Cough* I don't think I want to really mention this too much.
  • Andromalius - He punishes all thieves and other wicked people, and discovers hidden treasures, all evilness, and all dishonest dealing.
    For Information On Arch Angels Click Here!
  • Anael
  • Asariel
  • Azrael
  • Cassiel
  • Gabriel
  • Lumiel
  • Metatron
  • Sandalphon
  • Michael
  • Raphael
  • Sachiel
  • Samael
  • Uriel
  • Oshun - Spirit-Goddess of love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy.


Now, not only do we have our gods and goddesses to please, we also have dates we have to remember. This, in my case, is different to most pagans/wiccans, as I have specifically chosen to follow the traditional 'Wheel of the Year', but also to follow celebrations related to the Kemet (Egyptian) Gods and goddesses.

The general 'Wheel of the Year' is as follows:

(Please visit the following link for a more detailed description of each: Click Here

Other than that, here is a list of dates.

1 – Feast of Thoth
1 – Marriage of Osiris and Isis
17 – Festival of the Dead (Sunset Ceremony)
19 – Festival of Nut and Ra
17 – Chief festival of Thoth
25 – Feast of Lights of Isis

2 – Birthday of Nut
2 - Imbolc
15 – Feast of Osiris
26 – Festival of lighting the fires of Neith

2 – Feast of Hathor
19 - 22 - Ostara
19 – Festival of Hathor
21 – Birthday of Bast
22 – Feast Day of Ma’at
31 – Feast of Sekhmet

6 – Ceremony of Thoth
10 – Feast of Osiris
16 – Festival of Hathor
30 – Festival of Bast

1 - Beltane
4 – Day of Sekhmet and the purifying flame
8 – Day of offerings to Sekhmet (to keep her from burning the crops)
12 – Feast of Hathor and Sekhmet
22 – Feast of Neith

4 – Feast of Isis
6 – Feast Day of Hathor
8 – Festival of all Goddesses
9 – Feast of Neith
14 – Feast of Sekhmet
19 - 23 - Midsummer
20 – Feast of Ptah and Horus
21 – Festival of Isis
22 – Festival of Isis

2 – Festival of lights of Neith
3 – Festival of Osiris (resurrection of Osiris)
7 – Day of Hathor (Birthday?)
8 – Day of Thoth (Birthday?)
13 – Birthday of Ra
16 – Feast of Nut
21 – Feast of Horus
26 – Feast of Osiris
28 – Feast of Osiris

1 - Lughnasadh
10 – Day of Nut
16 – Feast of Ra
27 – Birthday of Nut
28 – Feast of Horus
29 – Birthday of Hathor

13 – Day of Hathor
16 – Ma’at judges the souls before the Gods
21 - 24 - Mabon
27 – Festival of Horus
27 – Festival of Bast

24 – Day of purification of all things
27 – Festival of Hathor and Bast

1 - Samhain
25 – Festival of Mut
26 – Ceremony of Horus
29 – Feast of Hathor as Sirius

1 – Birthday of Min
6 – Ceremony of Anubis
18 – Feast of Anubis
20 - 23 - Yule
24 – Feast of Min
25 – Birthday of Horus
25 – Festival of Ptah
27 – Birthday of Osiris
28 – Birthday of Horus the Elder
29 - Birthday of Set
30 - Birthday of Isis
31 - Birthday of Nephthys


Obviously, not all dates can be celebrated, but at least some of them are to be recognized.

Help And Support For Many

Over the years I have indeed helped a great number of people who have come to me for help. (Both magical and medical.) Even a few of the local Christians who actually shunned me, because I was brought up as one of them, came to me for advice. There have been many issues that I have delt with, from relationship spells, pregnacy spells, spells to help get people jobs/homes, even spells to make a cat stay loyal to it's owner. I have even helped people with problems with unruly spirits, helped detenct if places are haunted, given accurate readings on spirit activity within dwellings, given spells using Angel Magic etc, etc. As for medical issues, I use only natural remedies. Infusions made from herbs and plants, poultices, potions and incenses. I even do a little crystal work, if need be.

Bad Spells?

Now, there are some out there that believe there is no such thing as 'bad magic', or dark forces. I can honestly say with total confidance that there is. If there wasn't, why would we need spells to protect us? Why would we need
to ring bells at weddings, have bridesmaids and throw rice? Why would we honestly need to ward off daemons with special herb and flower bouquets just outside the door that are still used at churches today?

Yes, it exists. I know of a great many spells that are not exactly, how shall I put it... 'Nice.' I know how to summon daemons and curry their favor. ( I'm particularly fond of the Goetia... ) But, you should be warned. I follow the threefold return law. That absically means that whatever I do will return to me three times more. So, don't worry. I'm not about to leave a heart pierced with thorns on your doorstep. Wink

Many people think that being a 'Witch' means you are a follower of Satan. The thing about that is, you are only that if you choose to be. Other than that, it's mostly close work with nature and animals.

Yes, you heard. Animals. All Witches have a familiar. It's not just a movie cliche. Mine are my birds which I share a close bond with. For a lot of people it's a cat, but a familiar can be any animal you share a bond with that can help you in your magical work.

Another thing I use animals for is divination. No, I'm not very talented with a crystal ball, before you ask. I don't just use birds though, I have other ways too. I specialize in Ornithomancy, which (Divination by birds.), Entomancy(Divination by means of insects.), Aeromancy/Nephomancy (Divination by atmospheric conditions/Clouds.) and Tephramancy. (Divination by means of ashes.) I have helped a lot of people with this skill and I don't think I've ever been wrong.

Good omens for me are as follows:

Two Magpies (As long as they don't part ways.)
A Wren (So long as he doesn't fly off west.)
A robin
A caterpillar
Wasps (So long as it doesn't keel over and sting itself.)

Bad omens are:

A Heron (The only good omen from a Heron is if it has a mate with it, or if it flies east.)
A solitary Magpie (The severity and type of bad luck depends on it's actions.)
A solitary crow cawing and flying west.
A Millipede (Especially involving travel.)
Rain beetles

All these vary in severity depending on the actions taken by the bird/insect. I also like to look at flocks of birds such as sparrows and judge how things will go in the day from how they act.

So, as you can see... The life of a person such as myself is never dull. It is always interesting and you never know what is around the corner... Unless you predict it, of course. Wink


So, how about you guys? Are you religious? If so, what do you celebrate, or do?
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The Saucy Manager
The Saucy Manager

Female Pisces Snake
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Location : The backroad sticks of Appalachia

PostSubject: Re: The Busy Year Of A Patron   Fri May 15, 2009 11:53 am

I don't practice my faith. I am what is known as a backslider in my religion. A back slider is someone who once knew salvation but has turned away from it to live in sin in which it is almost like they had never had salvation at all, they return to being a part of the world rather than living in the salvation. I don’t know if that’s a very good explanation of what I am, but I think it works. Its complicated. I still believe in my religion, I just don’t practice it. I turned my back on my religion to seek my own lusts I suppose.

I was raised in the Pentecostal/Holiness faith. Many people may know it as the religion of Holy Rollers. I believe in the casting out of demons and taking up serpents, even healing the sick. The apostles did it, and what God gives to one he can give to another. I’ve never witnessed it, but my family has, and I still believe it. I have known the graces of God, and I have felt his power. In other words, I believe God is alive, and within everything, but I have seen him do many things. I believe in speaking in tongues and I also believe in the power of God getting on you and moving you. In other words, shouting and “rolling the floors.” I’ve seen it, and I’ve felt the power in it. It amazes me.

And I’m not one of those people who think their religion is the only one the world should have. I was simply explaining what my beliefs were. I mean, I’m pretty open-minded.

Anyways, I celebrate Christmas (Dec. 25) and Easter (varies). That’s pretty much it.

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. ---Mark Twain
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Daniel Johnson

Male Aquarius Dog
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Age : 35
Location : Heaven

PostSubject: Re: The Busy Year Of A Patron   Sun May 17, 2009 2:53 pm

Thats a lot of info there axel. nice!

myself im agnostic mostly. but i believe in some of the things christians do (IE: higher power) and some the you believe in axel since ive been with you when unexplained things have happened and also when you helped people with the paranormal. so its hard for me to dismiss that. i believe what i see when i see it.
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Ninja Spoon

Male Virgo Rabbit
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PostSubject: Re: The Busy Year Of A Patron   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:24 pm

Athiest. But, I'm not one of these types who goes out of his way to pull religious people down.
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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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PostSubject: Re: The Busy Year Of A Patron   Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:50 am

I'm a Lutheran. Basically just edited Catholicism. I really enjoy my religion, but I don't go to youth groups etc because the people who go there are just a bit to excitable. I wouldn't mind becoming a pastor by profession, and I don't mind other faiths seeing as I personally think that you have the right to believe whatever you want.

Love can mend your life, but love can break your heart
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PostSubject: Re: The Busy Year Of A Patron   

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The Busy Year Of A Patron
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