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 STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things

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The Saucy Manager

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STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things Empty
PostSTD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things

STD: Sigma Tau Delta

I just recently became a member of the STD, The English Honor's Society. It not only offers a lot of scholarship opportunities, but it also offers a lot of other opportunities as well. I'm excited about this.

Hepatitis and Liver
Last semester my dad was diagnosed with T.B. but it was inactive. Apparently it wasn't as inactive as they thought it was because it's causing him a lot of problems. After my daddy gained 30 pounds in less than 2 months (even though he can't eat) the doctor decided to take him off his medicine (INH). His eyes and palms are yellow, and we thought that the medicine might have damaged his liver (it's a possible symptom of the medicine). The doctor ran some tests only to find out that the medicine had set up Hepatitis and that it was the Hepatitis that is affecting his liver. Doesn't make things any better, though, does it? They should be sued. Considering they're supposed to monitor his reactions to the medicine and they just now caught this, six months after it starts, it's messed up!


When classes started this semester I paid 90.00 for a piece of lime green paper. On the paper I wrote my student id number and my name. We turned these into our professor who then gave us access to take a personality quiz. I paid 90.00 for a quiz the professor could already access. Anyways, we all took the quiz. The quiz showed us our personality stack up. Mine? Reactor. I'm a reactor. I'm completely emotionally based and I feel things before I think about them. Sounds about right if you think about it. We should ask Paul if I feel him before I think about him. lol. He'd probably say yes, because I always want to feel him. Wink

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. ---Mark Twain
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STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things :: Comments

Re: STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things
Post on Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:54 pm by heeroYuey
What a sad story, only to be followed by a sexual innuendo. : ( Sorry about your dad. And your problem with feeling people.
Re: STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things
Post on Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:37 am by MandaNoel07
Yea, I have a habit when things are bothering me sometimes to joke it off. So, there's where the joke came from. Though, honestly, it's true. ._.

STD-Hepatitis-Liver-Reactor Things

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