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 Rules for the Events section

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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

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PostSubject: Rules for the Events section   Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:57 am

I'm honestly not terribly picky about this section, since its pretty straightforward. Just keep to these rules and all will be well.

1. Keep the format as listed in this thread. If you just slip up a little, I won't be terribly concerned, I'll just edit it, and let you know, but if you blatantly deviate from the format, or just sort of spam it, I'll probably lance your post.

2. When posting an event, try to think of the overall audience. You may post events that are important to you, but do use some sense. Obviously you can post an event that appeals to a group, but don't post something that is just random like "I'm having soup on the 10th" so on and so forth. Hard to explain, but I think its clear <<

3. Don't diss events in the comments. If you happen to feel like Saint Valentine was a real jerk, don't go ruining everyone's fun in the comments on V-Day. Disciplinary action will be taken, as this could be constituted as flaming.

4. If in doubt, ask. I generally log on to the forum at least once a day, so if you have a question, feel free to shoot me a PM, or find me in the chat box (this applies to all my sections).

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Rules for the Events section
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