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 Our Forum Site Map

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PostSubject: Our Forum Site Map   Our Forum Site Map Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 6:38 am

Main Forum

The Notice Board

Posting: Admins and Mods. Guides and regular users - Limited.

Sub Forums: 2. (Staff wanted & Official Polls.)

Info: This is the section of the site that houses all of our announcements. Any threads with news about the site go here. Note: Only Admins and Mods are allowed to post threads in here, but members are allowed to reply to topics that involve things like , so long as they follow the topic rules for posting carefully.

Staff Wanted (Sub forum of The Notice Board)

Posting: Admins and Mods. Reglar Members - replies only.

Sub Forums: None

Info: When we have any staff positions open they will be located here. Threads in this section will be closed unless a position is available.

Official Polls (Sub forum of The Notice Board)

Posting: Admins and Mods Regular members - Voting and voting related replies only.

Sub Forums: None

Info: This is where we, the staff, post opinion polls about the site and its improvement. Members can vote on these to let us know what needs improving, adding, or even removing.

Suggestions, Questions and Comments.

Posting: Anyone.

Sub Forums: None.

Info: This is the section to post in if you want to ask any questions about the forum, want to make a suggestion to improve our site, or even just to praise us!

Axel's World of Crap™️ Requests

Posting: Customers and Admins.

Sub Forums: None.

Info: If you are a customer who has put a custom order form through to us for a custom product, use this section of the site to discuss your purchase. If you wish, we can post the concept samples directly into this section. If you have an idea of how you want it to look and have your own sketch, post it in here too. A thread will be made for each order just in case and will contain the name of the order, concept sketch and a link to the finished product.

Axel's World of Crap™️ Technical Support

Posting: Customers and Admins.

Sub Forums: None.

Info: Customers come here for any help with our site, the ordering process, or just technical questions.

The Welcome Wagon

Posting: Anyone.

Sub Forums: 2. (Events & Guides.)

Info: This section of the forum is dedicated to all our new members. If you have just joined, post an introduction in here to say hello, tell us who you are, what you like, etc, and to be welcomed by our other friendly members. Here, you can also read our stickied (Glued) topics that are of importance to all new members. (IE: A general rules thread, 'Our Staff', which is a section where you can read about each staff member we have on here and also a thread to explain what Guides are.)

Events (Sub forum of The Welcome Wagon)

Posting: Admins and Mods (Event posting) Guides & General members (Replies)

Sub Forums: None.

Info: This section is where events are posted. Birthdays, Engagements, Holidays, you name it. Threads that are posted here automatically get added to our calendar.

Guides (Sub forum of The Welcome Wagon)

Posting: Anyone (Limited)

Sub Forums: 1 (Axel Alloy)

Info: This is the section where new members can post request threads to ask one of our Guides to be their guide. General information about Guides can be posted here, such as if a Guide goes on holiday, or has no more slots left.

Axel Alloy (Sub forum of Guides)

Posting: Axel Alloy & Pupils

Sub Forums: None

Info: This is for Axel Alloy and her pupils only. Any pupil of Axel can come here and post any questions.

General Chat

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 9 (Auntie Axel, The Creaking Zone, Mature Discussion, Journals, Current Events, Books, Gaming, TV and Movies and Food.)

Info: Talk about anything in here, so long as it's not spam, or anything of an adult nature. Whether it's movies, games, or just about what you did on your holidays.

Auntie Axel (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: This is a place to go for friendly, non-biased advice. If you are having problems at home, with money, relationships, or even just want advice on job interviews, how to cook, or what to wear for a date. There is a link to the official site in a sticky (Glued) thread.

The Creaking Zone (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 1 (Advertising)

Info: Spam rules! Post all your spammy goodness in here. Be as random as you like. (Yays are turned off in here and it's sub forums.)

Advertising (Sub forum of The Creaking Zone)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: If you have a site you want to advertise, post the link and a description of the site in this section. (As long as it doesn't link to anything naughty, of course!)

Mature Discussion (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone (18+ ONLY!)

Sub Forums: 1 (The Mature Creaking Zone)

Info: This part of the forum is for discussions of a more 'adult' nature. If you want to talk about politics, sex, or just things of a sensitive nature, do it here.

The Mature Creaking Zone (Sub forum of Mature Discussion)

Posting: Anyone (18+ ONLY!)

Sub Forums: None.

Info: This is for more relaxed spamming. Swearing is allowed and people tend to post images in here, so be warned!

Journals (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone.

Sub Forums: None.

Info: This is the place for you to post a thread-based journal. Tell us about your day in your very own journal thread. (One per user.)

Current Events (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

This is a place to post any interesting news articles you find when on your internet travels. [Note: All mature content, or sensitive subjects MUST go in 'Mature Discussion'.

Books (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Got a favorite book? Maybe just a favorite author? You like fiction? Non-fiction? Maybe even just read textbooks? Talk about book in this section.

Gaming (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Talk about games in here. Whether you like RPGS, platformers, survival horror, you name it.

TV and Movies (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Talk of documentaries, your favorite anime, cartoons, or soaps. Maybe the last movie you watched.

Food (Sub forum of General Chat)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 1 (The Cookbook)

Info: This part of the forum is for discussions of food and food-related things. Whether it's about a restuarant you visited, a book you read about food, whatever you want.

The Cookbook (Sub forum of Food)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Share your recipes here! So long as you follow the rules for posting, you'll be ok.

Thoth Academy

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: N/A

Info: Learn about anything you want, headed by our learned tutors.

The Theatre

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 4 (Sign Ups, Character Creation, RP Discussion and The RP Creaking Zone..)

Info: Roleplaying abounds in here. Enjoy participating in text based roleplaying games with other members.

Sign Ups (Sub forum of The Theatre)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Post your RP sign up threads in this section. (ONE TOPIC PER RP!)

Character Creation (Sub forum of The Theatre)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: In this section you can create your characters for the roleplaying games. (ONE THREAD PER RP!)

RP Discussion (Sub forum of The Theatre)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Post your RP discussion threads in this section. All OOC discussions must be kept in here and NOT in the actual RP threads. (ONE TOPIC PER RP!)

The RP Creaking Zone (Sub forum of The Theatre)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: This section is for any random, non-serious RPing. Have fun in here.

The Gallery

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 2 (Gallery 18+ and Photography)

Info: Post any of your artwork in this section. We love to see peoples creations and will offer constructive criticism if requested.

Gallery 18+ (Sub forum of The Gallery)

Posting: Anyone (18+ ONLY!)

Sub Forums: None

Info: Do you have some art to post that's a little on the adult side? Post it in this section. Obviously, we won't accept the obvious things like child porn, though.

Photography (Sub forum of The gallery)

Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: None

Info: Are you good with a camera? Well, this is the section for you. Post your photographs in here, whether it's holiday snaps, serious work, or even old family photos!


Posting: Anyone

Sub Forums: 1 (Writing 18+)

Info: If you love to write, post your work in this section. Whether it's a poem, fiction, fan-fiction, non-fiction, or even a song, or script!

Writing 18+

Posting: Anyone (18+ ONLY!)

Sub Forums: None

Info: Do you prefer to write more adult things? Post anything that's of an adult nature in here.


Posting: Admins and Mods

Sub Forums: None

Info: This place is solely for the purpose of housing dead threads. If a thread goes out of date, or just isn't used anymore, it will be placed in here.

The Staff Room

Posting: Admins and Mods

Sub Forums: None

Info: Staff only. This place if for the plotting and scheming of us, the AWOC staff.


Navigation Bar

At the top of our forum page, you'll see a navigation bar. This section will explain each section for you.


The Index button will take you straight back to the main page of our forum, regardless of which section you are in. (Alternatively, you can click our banner to do the same.)


The portal is a condensed indexing of forum events. It will display who is online, latests posts and topics and other things like Google search.


All events posted in the Events forum will be displayed in our calendar, as will member birthdays. (Provided they use a correct birthday when signing up.)


As you can see, we have our own gallery. The current folders are 'Axel's World of Crap' and 'Member Photos'. 'Axel's World of Crap' is for the sole purpose of housing art related to the site, such as product concept art and so on. 'Member Photos' is pretty much self-explanatory and has sections for photos of you, your family and your pets.

Personal Gallery

Please note: Only JPG format is allowed.

Yes, that's right, you actually have your own personal galleries. To activate your own, click on the gallery button at the top of the main forum page. Once it loads the page, in the bottom left corner, you'll see two options. 'Users Personal Galleries' and 'Your Personal Album'. Click 'Your Personal Album' to activate it. Now you can upload whatever you want. (A lot of users use it to host their artwork to display in our Gallery forum.)

The other option, 'Users Personal Galleries', will display everyones albums so you can look through them.


This brings up the 'Frequently Asked Questions' for our forum. Go here if you are having problems.


Forgotten where you posted something? Or maybe you just want to see what a certain member has posted? Perhaps you may even want to see if your name has come up in any threads? Well, the search function lets you search for keywords in any topics on our forum.


This will bring up our member list. These are all our registered members. You can sort it by user name, date joined, what group they are in, post count, if they have a website, hobbies and interests, or even by when they last logged in.


This displays all the forums user groups. If there is a group you want to join, you can apply to join it. This also displays the groups you are a part of.


This is the place you need to go to edit your profile. Here you can change yourbasic details such as your email address, your gender, your interests, occupation and your messenger IDs. You will also notice more options above the main section, such as 'Preferences', 'Signature', 'Avatar', 'Friends and Foes', 'Topic is Being Watched', 'Favorites' and 'Drafts. I will give a basic run down of each.

'Preferences' - Here you can choose to hide your email address, opt out of our newsletter, allow visitor messages, etc etc. This is mostly all technical options to help you customise your forum experience.

'Signature' - Here you can edit your signature. A signature is a little piece of text, or an image that is displayed automatically after each post you make. You can choose to sign using your name, add a favorite quote, or even link to your favorite sites.

'Avatar' - An avatar is a little 100x100 image that you use to depict yourself. It is displayed on your posts below your name.

'Friends and Foes' - As you are probably aware, you can add people to your friends or foes list. (To do this, click on the persons name and above their avatar, you'll see two options 'Add to friends list' and 'Add to foes list'.) This section allows you to edit who is in what section. Note: The Foes list is like an ignore fuction. If you add people to this, you will not be able to read their posts, or receive private messages from them.

'Topic is being watched' - Any topic that you post in will automatically be watched. In this section, the topics will be listed so you can see if there have been any replies.

'Favorites' - This section is not used on this forum.

'Drafts' - Drafts are posts you are working on. Instead of posting them and editing them later, you can choose to send your post to drafts instead. Here you can edit them and post them once you have finished.


This is your message center. Any private messages you receive will be stored here. Once you have a new message, the icon at the top will flash on and off. It will automatically send you to your inbox when you click the button, but you can also access your outbox, sent box and save box from there too.

Log Out

As you can tell, this button logs you out. Haha.
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