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Mouth Vacuum
Mouth Vacuum

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PostSubject: Inactivity   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:28 pm


We here at AWOC recently instated a new 'sweep and purge' rule. This means we sweep our memberlist regularly for people with no posts and should they be inactive for too long, they are deleted.

We are all sorry for any inconvenience caused, but at the end of the day, we don't think you guys will mind too much.

Here is a basic explanation of what a sweep and purge actually is and what our sweep and purge entailed.

A 'sweep' means to go through a member list (Or anything else, for that matter.) and root out the bad apples. In this case, it was our inactive members. The members who haven't posted a single thing since they joined. 'Purge' means to remove them.

In our 'sweep and purge' we went through both members and mods. This means we now have new mod positions available. (And hopefully we'll get some active ones this time.)

Our new policy will be as follows and is now active.


  • Any member who joins and doesn't post their intro thread will receive a warning email asking them to do so.
  • Each member without a single post is now automatically placed on a warning board, given a coloured box and will be monitored. The longer they go without posting, the more the colour of their box changes. For example, a member with no posts for 5 days will have a green box, etc.) See Warning Grid at the foot of the thread.
  • A search and purge will take place on the 17th of every month from this day forward.
  • When a member reaches a dark orange box, they will receive a warning email. But, they will not receive anymore emails after this final warning.
  • Any member who has a red box will be automatically deleted without warning.


  • Moderators must be SURE they can follow the rules and standards stated in the recruiting thread.
  • Moderators must POST. Simply visiting doesn't count!
  • Any moderator who is inactive for more than 2 weeks without prior notification in the absence thread will be warned.
  • After 1 month, the moderator will be auto-deleted WITHOUT warning and will be replaced. (Unless on probation.)
  • Moderators will NOT be deleted from the memberlist, just the moderation group.

Any members who have been deleted must re-join. Any moderators must re-apply in the application thread, providing it is open.

Since 5 Days - Warning email will be given.

Since 10 Days

Since 15 Days

Since 20 Days

Since 25 Days - Warning email will be given.

Since more than 26 Days - Member will be auto-deleted WITHOUT warning.

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