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 Card Wars

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Female Taurus Monkey
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PostSubject: Card Wars   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:01 am

Main Plot Information
In the world of Decktilis, there exist four kingdoms
surrounding one center kingdom. The Club Kingdom to the East. The Spade
Kingdom to the West. The Diamond Kingdom to the South. The Heart Kingdom
to the North. And the Center Kingdom known as Ace Kingdom. Over the
years, the Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and Hearts clashed and vied for
power. The first wars were brutal in nature and bloody in form. After
nearly two centuries of fighting, the four great Kingdoms came to peace
with the creation of the Aces. The Aces, with their magical power ceased
the fighting and restored peace. Eventually they established the
central kingdom of Ace Kingdom in the center of the four Kingdoms in
order to keep the pace. However, with the arrival of the Aces came
another group of dark intent known only as the Jokers. Spreading chaos
and suffering throughout the lands, the Jokers instilled fear in the
people once more causing them to distrust each other and begin fighting
once more. Will the Aces be able to preserve the peace? Or will the fate
of Dektilis be at a loss…..

Map of Decktilis:

General direction:
The Club Kingdom to the
East. The Spade Kingdom to the West. The Diamond Kingdom to the South.
The Heart Kingdom to the North. And the Center Kingdom known as Ace

Ace Kingdom in the Center:
-Ace Palace

-Sanctuary Lake
-Serenity Forest


-Spade Palace
-Spade City
-Shard Mountains

Diamond Kingdom:
-Diamond Palace

-Solitaire Bridge
-Crystal Forest

Club Kingdom:

-Clove City
-Club Port
-Ringlet Sea
*Ringlet City

Heart Kingdom:
-Heart Palace
-Love City

-Mount Affection

Joker Lands:
-The Under

-The Rabbit Hole
-The Valley of Death

Character Groups and Abilities:
-There are only Four Aces in Decktilis, and
their main job is to keep the peace between the four Kingdoms.

are said to be Rankless, and yet most are loyal to their King or Queen.

Ace hails from one of the four Kingdoms and serves as a representative
at the central kingdom of Ace Kingdom.

-Each Ace controls a certain
power (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air) and is trained from birth to assume
the roles as Ace.

-Aces take on the last name of their designated

-Also known as the Four Great Sovereigns, the
Kings preside over their designated Kingdoms (ex. King of Spades resides
over Spade Kingdom)

-Each King has a certain measure of power and

-Kings do not have magic
-Kings take on the last name of
their kingdoms

-The Queens also preside over their
designated Kingdoms, but they are generally more social than the kings.

Queens host 5 annual parties which are held at different castles
through out the year. Even though there is techincally not a Queen of
Ace Kingdom, there is still a winter party held there annually.

Queens take on the last name of their husband's kingdoms even if they
were not originally from that kingdom

have no control over the regulations in the castle and are not even
refereed to as a Face.

-However, they are taken care of well by the

-The first born son usually assumes the role of King
children will either stay in the castle or spread out to keep control
over the Kingdom to assist the King.

-In certain circumstances, if a
son is not born to assume the role of King, a daughter will become
Queen. This inheritance is looked down upon for the most part.

prince/princesses also have the last name of their kingdoms

as the Head Servants to the crown. The Jacks and their families are
usually entrusted with the direct well being of the royal family.

can be either male or female, but it is usually the first.

rarely have magical abilities

-Also known as the Mage

-The Tens have magical abilities, but not so far defined as the

-Tens often live on their own and are called upon when needed
a Ten fails to comply with the King or Queen's demands, it is seen as
perfectly acceptable for the King or Queen to call upon the Ace to deal
with the matter.

-also known as Upper Knights or the
Nine Knights of the Court

-Each Kingdom has a group of nine Nine's
who are the protectors of the castle and the lands

-It is extremely
hard to become a Nine Knight if you were not born into it, but it is not

-also known as the Lower Knights
are not as prestigious as the Nines, but the Eights are still a force to
be reckoned with

-They follow the leadership of the Nines and serve
as standing troops for each of the Kingdoms

-In times of peace they
just serve the Nines.

-This is the class that is one step away from
becoming a Nine

Sevens and Sixes:
-These are wealthy merchants
and/or landowner class

-It is not uncommon for a Seven to marry a

-Seven's and Six's have the possibility of becoming Eights if
they prove themselves

Fives, Fours, Threes and Twos:
bottom of the class system

-They are usually indoor or outdoor

-They have no hope of rising past their class

known as a classless group

-There are two main Jokers named Chaos
and Havoc, but there are also many lesser Jokers

-Jokers are
renegades who try and disrupt the peace within Decktilis

-They are
considered rogues

-They can come from any original class, but they
must come into contact with a Joker and willingly give up their class in
oder to become a Joker.

-Jokers have magic, but in some form or
fashion it is twisted to darkness (ex if the power is fire, the flames
will be black instead of red)

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Female Taurus Monkey
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PostSubject: Card wars: Religion/Language   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:04 am

There is one main religion per say in Decktilist.
However, there are variations within the kingdoms. Each kingdom has a
operate version of a 'church' or so. The main variation in the religion
centers around the first people of Decktilis. Each kingdom believes they
were the first people to inhabit Decktilis and so there are a few
different customs. However, the religion is uniform in the main events
in it.

To begin, it is believed that Decktilis was created by
twin gods one of night and one of day. They came together and created a
middle ground. The first ground that was created was said to be marked
by the Deck Runes.

The god of daylight light and the sun is known
as Eliris and the goddess of midnight night and darkness is known as
Antila. They are neither good nor bad they simply exist as day and night
and share power.

However, Antila, out of her own greed, wished
to stop sharing the world with Eliris. She took her followers and tried
to overcome her twin. However, this failed and Antilis fled. She later
created a kingdom under the earth known as Antilis. Becoming the queen
of Antilis, she later became evil and made her land a place of demons.
Wishing to start more war with Eliris, Antila struggled and vied for
Eliri's power. To help her in this struggle, Antila created her own
versions of demons. This is said to be where Jokers were first born

Eliris, at a loss at losing Antila, made peace with it at
first, but as she constantly wished to fight him, he became increasingly
strict on his actions. He resticted himself from hurting her and yet he
would cut down the damage that was being caused in the middle ground of
Decktilis where the young races were only learning to walk. Finally he
was forced to beat back Antila to the point she could not leave Antilis.
By this time, the races had aged and were beginning to realize the wars
that were going on between the two gods.

The humans established
themselves quickly into kingdoms with each kingdom believing that they
were the first true people. Believing that the other kingdoms were evil,
the kingdoms fought each other. These were the first card wars.

time went on, Eliris created the Aces and sent them down as angels to
stop the human wars. However, Antila sent her own black angels that were
later known as Jokers.

This is the basis of the religion however
there are many factions not only by kingdoms but within kingdoms.

There are four main languages in the world of Decktilis,
and within each of these languages, there are some variation of slang
that divides each even more. There is also a fifth language that was
said to have been the base of the original four languages that is used
for prayer as well as for magic casting, and according to some reports
there is a sixth language that the Jokers use. However, there is no
information on this at this time. Here is a simple explanation of things
in hopes it will help you build your character or develop plot of some

Spadelis is the main language of the Spades. It
consists of something that would be a comparison of English. However,
within the dialects that are spoken within the Spade Kingdom, there are
several different word variations. However, for the most part, Sladelis
is a conformed language.

Clubis is the main language of
the Club people. This language roughly speaks like French in context
with the real world. Between the Spades and the Clubs, they can
understand a few of the shared words such as clothing and water.
However, unlike Spadelis, Clubis has a wide variety of dialects through
out the kingdom including sub languages known as Clubisius and Clubinis
which retain most of the Clubis words but with minor variations of

Heartiliah is the main language of the Heart
people. The language could best be paralleled with Korean and Chinese.
It is very carefully spoken language, and it does not have a pleasant
sound when the speaker is angry. There are a few branches of sub
language inlcuidng Heartilin which is a branch off of the main
commoner's spoken language. However, among the Hearts, it is considered
improper to speak anything but Heartiliah.

Dimarah is
the main language of the Diamonds. It can be best understood to sound
like Japanese and Taiwanese. It lacks sub language groups, but the
writing styles form several groups. Of all the groups, the Diamonds have
the most variation of writing styles.

Decktilis is
said to be the base language of all four branches of language. It is a
very strong speech, and many people use it when invoking magic. However,
those that use this speech often known one of the four other languages
along with it in order to compensate for the lack of use in the
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Female Taurus Monkey
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Age : 26
Location : on a couch

PostSubject: Cannon List   Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:08 am

Mysteria Spade – played by Soji =p
The Ace of Spades
Age 22

Arielle Diamon- played by LittleChiiCat

The Ace of Diamonds
Age: 22

Lee Club- Played by BBS
The Ace of Clubs
Age: 23
Elemental Earth

James Heart-
The Ace of Hearts
Age: 23
Elemental Fire


Age: 47

Queen Vivian
Age: 45

Jack Jarvis

King Norin
Age: 45

Queen Lorelei

Jack Rumer
Age: 19


King Kane
Age 49

Age: 47

Jack Lucian
Age: 21

Age: 42

Queen Edeline
Age: 40

Princess Alice

Jack Payton
Age: 20



Age: 25

Last edited by SojiRemaru on Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:50 am; edited 2 times in total
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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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PostSubject: Re: Card Wars   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:39 am

If it isn't already taken, I'll sign up for Lee Club.

Love can mend your life, but love can break your heart
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Female Taurus Monkey
Posts : 19
Join date : 2009-07-15
Age : 26
Location : on a couch

PostSubject: Re: Card Wars   Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:25 pm

Grin yay we got one *fish hooks BBS for Lee Club*
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Female Aries Pig
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Location : Mexico!!!

PostSubject: Re: Card Wars   Sun Jun 27, 2010 12:38 pm

can i join in? my english not very good but i can rp. can i be arielle?
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Female Taurus Monkey
Posts : 19
Join date : 2009-07-15
Age : 26
Location : on a couch

PostSubject: Re: Card Wars   Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:49 am

Yes~ Yay we have Arielle
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PostSubject: Re: Card Wars   

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Card Wars
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