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woohoo.... Empty

so about a month in now. its been awhile since iv even looked at the forums to be honest...still like the job keeps me busy...a bit too busy if i might say. what is supposed to be 3-4 hours shifts has been turned into about 12 hours shifts every day but week ends..and the pays alright i suppose but definatly not work 12 hours of constant pacing.

Also id like to apologize for my absence adam. iv just been so tired after work these last few weeks i havnt really been up to doing much of anything.

the other good news...since im working in doctors offices it gives me access to any tools or medical supplies i might need to fix my toe.

also note that doing minor surgery on your own toes without knowing what kind of pain killer to take. may lead to much more pain than one might think.
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Re: woohoo....
Post on Sat May 22, 2010 3:13 am by MandaNoel07
You worry me sometimes. Really, Really worry me. -_-;;


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