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 Say Hello To Our Managers!

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Mouth Vacuum
Mouth Vacuum

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PostSubject: Say Hello To Our Managers!   Say Hello To Our Managers! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 21, 2010 4:14 am

Here at AWOC, we believe in keeping our site safe and free from potentially offensive and harmful content. We cannot do this, however, without a good staff behind us. This is why we now have a new staff position.


What does a Manager do? - Managers, the blue guys, are like 'global moderators' in the fact that their mod powers extend to the whole of the board, not just the sections they chose to mod. However, they are in charge of the sections they picked, which means any moderator sharing the section will report to them before making changes.

They are also in charge of moderators, which now only moderate the sections they chose when applying. This helps us (The admins) out a great deal, as Managers are like mini-admins in their own right.

Managers are also there for you, our members, to report any funny business to. They, in turn, will report it to us admins and action will be taken. So, should you have any problems, contact the Manager in charge of the section. (Or, failing that, any will do.)

How do people become a Manager? - Managers, I'm afraid, are invite only. They are selected and invited by us, the admins, from our currently existing moderators.

Can I be a Manager? - If you have been a Moderator for a while and have made an effort, worked hard and been very active, please PM Me (Denial) the Staff Admin with your application. (However, not everyone will be accepted.)

What criteria do Mods have to have before being chosen for a Manager position? - At LEAST 5 months active service. By active service, we mean staying active on the forum, posting regularly, modding regularly and you must have a spotless record.

Why change the Moderator rank permissions to only mod their own sections? - A lot of people want to help out, but most don't have all day, every day to spare. A lot are students or have work responsibilities, so are unable to devote evey spare moment to us. Changing the Mod rank enables those who want to help, but have less time, to do so. Which is why we assign them to their sections ONLY, so they have less to manage. It's all good.

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Say Hello To Our Managers! AxelalloyssockSay Hello To Our Managers! Mrbedlamssock
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Mr Bedlam
Curry King
Curry King
Mr Bedlam

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PostSubject: Re: Say Hello To Our Managers!   Say Hello To Our Managers! Icon_minitimeWed Mar 24, 2010 12:31 pm

Congrats you two!
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Say Hello To Our Managers!
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