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 Urban Dictionary You

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

Female Capricorn Monkey
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Age : 85
Location : The Metropolitan Sock Museum

PostSubject: Urban Dictionary You   Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:17 am

Just to jump on the bandwagon, I figured I'd post this.

Go onto and look up your first name. POst your results. Wink

(Yes, I'm going to give away a spoiler here in the form of one of my names. Nyaa )


1) The most edible female name

Rachel is sooo edible - especially with cream

2) Hebrew name meaning 'an ewe', or 'little lamb'. Symbolizes purity.

Rachel is the best name ever!

3) A smart, sassy and sexy young woman who knows things from fashion to film to literature, from Manolo Blahniks to Mahatma Gandhi.

She impressed everybody in the meeting. She's such a Rachel.

4) rachel's are usually cute and pretty. have a good body and are smart. they also tend to be popular and silly and like to fool around

damn that girl is hot she's probably a rachel.

5) a purehearted, kind, and compassionate woman; a good listener and a leader with the love of many

I need a Rachel to cry on.

6) one of the sweetest most kindest person in the world who is always right. And she'll tell you so!She also really likes Larry the cable guy who is one of the biggest rednecks of our time!!!
I love you Mom!!!!

"Git-r-done" Larry the cable guy

7) (n.) one, usually a girl but can be a really fem man, who spazzes about everything, but in a fun, lovable and entertaining way.
note: these spazzes are not bad like flipping out on someone, they are energetic ways of telling interesting or non-interesting stories

look at how her hands are shaking, she's such a rachel.

8) 1. She's the girl that everyone is jealous, fun, smart, outgoing, and easy to talk to. She has a heart of gold and although she might seem bulletproof, she's caring and sensitive on the inside.

2. A girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind or be herself. Watch out boys, she's a heart-breaker. A girl who won't settle for anything but the best, but rightfully so. She doesn't need a man to have a good time.

3. She's the friend you call at 2am when you need someone to tell you that everything's going to be ok. Sweet, comforting, and a great listener.

1. Did you see that chick's hot bod? I'm so jealous. She's such a Rachel.

2. Damn, I wish I was still with Rachel. She looks like she's having such a good time without me.

3. She was so sweet to me when I needed a friend...such a Rachel.

9) Rachels are so fabulous you have no idea what has just hit you. When you walk down a street you can instantly spot a Rachel just from her sparkling eyes, and amazing bod. Rachel's are sexy, funny, beautiful and awesome to be around. You are seriously lucky if you know a Rachel. Rachel's are the most fun you can have without eating cheeseburgers.

I love that Rachel, she's so great, and I always have fun, even when we aren't eating cheeseburgers.

I lol'd. Nyaa

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Mr Bedlam
Curry King
Curry King

Male Gemini Horse
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Age : 39
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: Urban Dictionary You   Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:30 am

ont, cdn - Used in the same sense as man, bloke, etc. Origins unclear, perhaps Quebecois.
Hey guy, you wanna go to the pub tonight and watch the hockey game.

used for a normal/bloke-ish kind of boy. orringinates from guy fawks
"that guy is boring"

The coolest name in the world.

Hey man it's guy, that guy is so cool.

A word that can be used instead of any noun.
Especially helpful when for some reason you can't quickly remember the
names of things.
Can you grab that guy over there? I need to light this guy.

This is silly. I'll skip to the name ref.

A true selfish asshole who only thinks of himself. Usually bald or balding.
That prick over there is a real Guy.

1. (pronoun): A reference term to a male, similar to man, dude, or bloke.

2. (pronoun): A womanizer that is ten times cooler then you could
ever hope to be, and can make love to your girlfriend and talk you out
of doing what he just did, and will make love to your girlfriend, and
talk you out of doing what he just did.

3. (adjective): Extremely cool, radical, amazing.
1. That guy is an alright guy.

2. Do you see Mick over there lying naked in bed with Tony's girlfriend and Darek's Mom? He is the &#%$ing GUY!

3. Did you hear that? That guitar solo Aaron just played was &#%$ing GUY!

The most amazing person ever. The only one to keep me going through thick and thin. No matter what. He'll always be in my life.

"I don't think there's a word I've ever heard

That captures the innocence of you

And I wouldn't want one to

And no, I wouldn't want one to

It'd be like smothering a star

Or covering a work of art

Driving so fast that the view falls apart

Like I do

Without you.

But im on my way home

And I'm worn to the bone

And when my heart hits an all time low.

There's something shining through

I find the light in you"
"who? guy? he's amazing"
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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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Age : 24
Location : Somewhere

PostSubject: Re: Urban Dictionary You   Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:29 pm

Originating from the movie "Fight Club", Tyler is used to describe one who is extremely sexy and bad ass.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god, look at him he's such a TYLER.

A tyler is a person whos is always popular. There are usually to kinds of tyler. A popular, athletic and hot one. Then a loner, stoner, goth one. All the girls love him and they teachers love him too. He always gets the class laughing. If your name is Tyler there is a really good chance that you have a {removed due to explicit nature}

Man i wish i was popular, then the girls would like me, and the school would know me as a Tyler.

A very very very, yet again, very sexy pancake.
That tyler was dilicious.
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PostSubject: Re: Urban Dictionary You   

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Urban Dictionary You
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