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 Staff FAQ

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PostSubject: Staff FAQ   Staff FAQ Icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 5:34 am

This FAQ should help put your mind at ease and answer your questions regarding various aspects of being a staff member here.

Q: How many staff positions are there?
A: Roughly 7 staff positions are available. These are: Forum moderator, Tutor, General Reviewer, Game Reviewer, Anime Reviewer, TV/Movies reviewer, Book reviewer.

Q: Can anyone be a staff member?
A: Usually (Unless the site is in deperate need) a member has to have more than 50 posts (Senior rank) to apply for a staff position, have a spotless record (No warning marks) and are an active poster. So longa s you fit all these, it's all good.

Q: I want to be a staff memeber, can I?
A: See the above answer.

Q: What is expected of a Moderator?
A: Time, patience, a mature and non-biased attitude and much more. A moderator must have the time to dedicate to the job at hand. They must set an example by posting regularly and help clean up the forum by moving topics, deleting spam and archiving dead threads. They must also mediate any arguements that may arise and report any trolls/spammers/general problem members. They must also remain 100% neutral and not take sides in any heated matters.

Q: What is expected of a Tutor?
A: Pretty much similar to a mod. A tutor must be patient, active and also know enough about the subject they are going to be teaching to make lessons worthwhile. They must keep lessons active and follow them up accordingly.

Q: What is expected of Reviewers?
A: Time, as always. A reviewer (Whatever type they are) must post a new review at least once every month, no exceptions. They must also be active on the forum too, to set an example.

Q: What is expected of Staff in general?
A: The biggest and most important part about being a member of staff is activity. All staff must be active on the forum as a general rule. They must set an example by starting discussions if there are none active and must help out by replying to topics to help keep them active. They must also follow the general rules of the board. (IE: Keeping it PG-13 by posting mature things in the mature sections, no spamming (Unless in Creaking Zones), no flaming etc.)

Q: Do Moderators get full forum access?
A: To a degree, yes. A Moderator must moderate the sections they are assigned to, but they are also to help out the other sections by moving/deleting topics if they find them. They also get Staff Room access.

Q: Do Tutors get Mod powers?
A: Only in their sections.

Q: Do reviewers get Mod powers?
A: No. They only get Staff Room access.

Q: If I get into the Staff, can I leave?
A: All staff are automatically on a 3 month probation period anyway. If you do not think it is for you, however, please give us at least 4 weeks notice before quitting to allow us time to find a replacement.

Q: To be part of the staff, do I have to speak English fluently/Spell correctly?
A: We ask that all members wishing to apply for a postition here be able to at least spell correctly, have decent sentence structure and, of course, avoid things like text speak. It would be hard to understand for some customers and very confusing.

Q: What if someone asks a question about someone elses section/role?
A: Answer it as best as you can. If you are unable to, forward them to the correct person. But, always try first.

Q: A member just asked to be made a mod/staff member/how to become a mod/staff member, what do I say/do?
A: Mod begging is not tolerated on this board. Link them to the staff recruitment threads and warn them not to beg in future. (If applicable.)

Q: A friend of mine would be a GREAT asset to your site as staff, will you make them a part of it?
A: They must adhere to the sign up policies. No bias will be shown.

Q: Can I still apply even when the recruitment threads are closed?
A: No. You may only apply when the threads are open. This means there are positions available. If they are closed, it means there are none available.

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