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 Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems

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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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PostSubject: Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems   Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:43 pm

The Council Forest of the Artisans Kingdom-Evening-14th day of the 3rd Season
The rain fell quite heavily on this evening, the skies were overcast and full of clouds. A sense of tension filled the woods, through the thoughts and movements of one dragon. Tomas waited on the other dragons. Their premature return to these woods signaled a dire problem in the Dragon Kingdoms, and even Avalar. The Council of Elders met only two weeks ago, and in those two weeks, some pressing matters arose.

"When will those four arrive?" Tomas sighed and continued in his nervousness.

A field, outside of the Peace Keepers Kingdom-Late Evening
Two dragons ran from a squad of gnorcs. They ran, nearing the hilly area every second. They focused on this goal, and seemed in no way interested in attacking and defeating the gnorcs, something which they could seemingly do with ease. Instead, they seemed much more intent on escape. After obtaining a sufficient lead on the gnorcs, the pair of dragons proceeded to take to the skies. The gnorcs angrily grunted and proceeded to cease chase. The two dragons proceeded to a rock cliff, in which they found a cave. Knowing they were safe for the time being, they entered the cave to rest.

Summer Forest-Glimmer Gate-Late Evening
"So it's here too, huh, Elora?" Spyro looked around, painfully aware something was the matter. Spark flew about frantically, further expressing Spyro's antsy mood.
Elora rubbed her head with her hand and began to tell Spyro what news she had, "Yes. Gnorcs have been showing up in many of the Avalarian worlds. It is very strange seeing as the gnorcs never made it into Avalar before, even when the Dragon Kingdoms were overrun with them.

"Yeah. Everyone at home is concerned that it may be an uprising, or that the gnorcs have elected a new leader to fight against us. They sent me here as something of an emissary to find whatever help I could. Quite frankly, though, I haven't any idea where to look!" Spyro shook his head, unsure of how he might proceed.

Elora responded, in an optimistic tone, "Well, if I remember correctly, a couple of the denizens from some worlds here in the Summer Forest have been talking about a creature who has been helping out with the gnorcs, and other problems here and there, much in the same manner as you did Spyro.I also heard that some of the worlds in the Autumn Plains have experienced this as well, especially Fracture Hills, and Cloud Temples. Perhaps you could stir around those worlds and find some info, or perhaps a comrade? As far as the Summer Forest goes, I heard of this creature in Hurricos, and Aquaria Towers."

Spyro looks happily at Elora, "Thanks Elora! Now I have a lead where to look. Do you want to accompany me? With these gnorcs around, traveling alone is unsafe."
"Sure! I can come to Hurricos and Aquaria Towers with you, but I'll let you hang with Hunter once you arrive in Autumn Plains!"

The two proceeded on the path towards the Lake Region of the Summer Forest, but seeing that night was upon them, they took the night to rest in Central Tower.
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Renegade Cupcake
Renegade Cupcake

Female Gemini Tiger
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:06 pm

Wow dats relly cool!!!! better thn i cud evr do anyways. i like it.
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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:47 pm

Thank you. I may post the other chapters later.
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The Blank Manager
The Blank Manager

Male Aries Dog
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Age : 24
Location : Somewhere

PostSubject: Dragon Chronicles-Chapter Two-   Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:58 pm

Chapter Two: The Council of Dragons.

The Forest of Council, Artisans World-Night

The other four dragon elders sat in the seats designated for them by
tradition. Each of them knew of the concerns which were about to be
addressed. It had been far to short a time since the last council
meeting. Each of the dragons patiently waited for Delbin to start the

The Dragon Council is a group of the five elected leaders from each
of the Dragon Kingdoms. The dragons must be of a certain age, and
generally the wisest are called upon to be members of the Council. They
meet once every three months to discuss matters of the worlds, and the
kingdom as a whole. This evening, a most dire matter was weighing upon
the council.

Delbin began to speak in an authoritative, but calm and confident
tone characteristic of the Artisans dragons, the master orators, and
champions of rhetoric, "Your attention everyone! As you all know, four
years ago, Gnasty Gnorc, master of the Gnorc species, encased all of
dragonkind in crystals prisons. Fortunately for us, Spyro was able to
defeat the gnorcs that filled the land, and Gnasty as well. Since that
day, we have not seen a single gnorc across all of the Dragon Kingdoms.
But now, out of seemingly nowhere, gnorcs are appearing in our lands.
It seems they are even appearing in lands as distant as Avalar. I don't
know how they've rebounded, or why they seem so organized, but it seems
highly likely that we may have an uprising on our hands.

Magnus, the Peace Keeper representative waited a moment, and with a
stern, but calm voice, he began to speak, "I've instructed the army of
the Peace Keepers Kingdom, along with our watches in all the kingdoms,
to watch for attacking gnorcs and exterminate them. I've also
instructed them to keep their eyes open for any sort of spies, or
sentries. It seems the best policy for self preservation is to stay
alert, and fight the gnorcs if necessary.

Everyone agreed with this plan, since it seemed fair, and prudent,
while keeping the dragons safety in mind. The group nodded in approval,
signaling there desire for this motion to be passed.

Delbin raised his claw and his voice called out, "Then by the power
of the council of dragons, I create this edict-Be prudent with the
gnorcs, fight them if necessary, otherwise, and await the direction of
the other kingdoms, unless circumstances are dire. Declare this to your
kingdoms, and communicate amongst all of us when and if problems arise.
The dragons all nodded in approval, and all headed for the central fort for a rest they needed dearly.

[Edited by Axel Alloy: Merged with previous topic.]
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems   

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Dragon Chronicles-Chapter One- A web of problems
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