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 Halloween Clothing Catastrophe

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostSubject: Halloween Clothing Catastrophe   Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:16 am

  • Title - "Halloween Clothing Catastrophe"
  • Alternative Title - "Glad you don't wear skirts!"
  • Series Based on - GGGs & Curious George
  • Characters Featured - Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat) and Inspector Prince
  • Theme - Halloween costumes, clothing trouble
  • Rating - U (UK) G (USA)
  • Status - Complete

Halloween Clothing Catastrophe

Halloween party was in a few hours time and Ted was busy getting
changed in his bathroom. Prince, dressed in his yellow hat, shirt,
trousers, boots and tie, was outside calling in to him and making
sure that he wasn’t injuring himself in anyway, as he was such a
clumsy person and would fall over an ant if given the chance.
everything ok in there? I thought I heard you yelping.”
Why would I be yelping?”
bit her lip as she recalled the last time he cut himself shaving. All
that blood… George went crazy.
don’t know why, you tell me why you’d be yelping?”
was a pause, followed by a sharp intake of breath.
I’m coming in there, I don’t like this…”
NO NO! I’m ok, I promise.”
what IS going on?”
just… Cut myself shaving. That‘s all. Yeah, cut myself.”
screwed up her face. She didn’t want to have to mop up after him
again. “WHAT!? Make sure you hide it from George.”
honeycakes, don’t worry.”
was another pause and another sharp intake of breath.
you sure that’s all? You don’t sound very happy?”
Have you seen my tie?”
was trying to change the subject. Prince decided to follow suit, as
it seemed he didn’t want to own up to whatever problem he had. She
wasn’t going to push it. Ted could get pretty cranky.
think it’s on the couch. Why don’t you come get it?”
er, no. I can’t. I’m… on the toilet!”
raised a brow. “O…k, well then after.”
you pass it me through the door?”
being idle. You’ll have to come out eventually anyway when we leave
for the party. You aren‘t being mardy are you?”
right, I forgot you don’t understand half my phrases… Mardy means
not miserable.”
you are.” Letting out a giggle, Prince leaned down towards the
keyhole. “I bet you have a face a foot long right now!”
NO!” Ted covered the lock with a towel.
fine, I’ll pass you the stupid tie. Just be careful with it, it’s
my favourite.”
strolled over to the couch and picked up her signature burgundy red
tie. “So, are you looking forward to the party? I thought Dick’s
idea of dressing as your partners to be very interesting. I can’t
wait to see Dr Claw dressed as Miss Molly, that’ll be a hoot!”
you think?”
turned to face the bathroom door again, a frown on her face.
you got that tie, or not?”
pink handbags at dawn. Here…” She opened the door and passed it
round the corner. Ted grasped hold of it and was just about to pull
it back and slam the door, when Prince barged in. This was followed
very quickly by gales of hysterical laughter, as she was met with the
sight of Ted, a pair of girls jeans round his ankles, stood rigidly
in one of her blouses which, pretty much, fit where it touched. Ted’s
face was a picture of embarrassment, anger and despair. “I can’t
get them on.”
Ted, you silly sod. You should have said. Come here…”
walked behind him and took hold of the jeans with both hands. “Are
you ready?” Ted nodded, a worried smirk just noticeable on his red
tugged and yanked and pulled, until the jeans shot upwards past his
pelvis, giving him a humungous wedgie.
hun.” Prince patted him lightly on his back.
at least there’s one thing,” gasped Ted adjusting the jeans.
glad you don’t wear skirts!”

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Halloween Clothing Catastrophe
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