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 Gods help us...

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostGods help us...

So, I go to many other online communities and each one seems to have certain things that are different and then things that are very much the same.

Some places are more PG-13 and some let you say whatever the fuck you want, when you want.

The problems I have are the clichés with all online communities. For example, member stereotypes.

  • The N00bs
  • The Whores
  • The Elitist Assholes
  • The Emos
  • The Hyperactive Weeaboos

Each category makes me want to chew off my own foot in protest. N00bs are probably the only stereotype that I can actually get on with, but then you have different categories of each stereotype, just to confuse and irritate you more.



  • Sweet as sugar n00b
  • Quiet n00b
  • HALP I'M STUCK n00b
  • I don't know shit, I'm retarded n00b
  • Asshole n00b


  • Attention whore
  • Cam whore
  • I flirt with everything whore

Etc, etc... I could go on forever.

I was just in the chat room I visit rather regularly and this fucking idiotic child in there thought that they could get away with swearing if they edited out the C in fucking. That site prides itself of staying child-friendly, as they have a lot of young members there. The moderators are very strict with the rules and, as one once myself, so am I. So, I pointed it out and what to I get? ">_> <_<"

I want to shout something like "STFU you retarded little teenaged prick", but... I'm not exactly a hypocrite. Nyaa

Secondly, what the fudgesicle is the problem with female members? They either have to be hyperactive little weeaboos who jump around shouting things and posting ASCII Kirby things, or they are the god awful whore types, posting photos of themselves half naked, pouting and OBVIOUSLY wearing push up fucking bras. This makes me want to shout "WE DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR SKANKY BODY YOU UGLY TWATS. Grow up, seriously before you get raped or something." Do they honestly think that decent, respectful guys will actually like them doing that? No. It's a fast track to meeting jerks that will piss them around, give them STDs and piss off with the next ugly little cam whore in line. Boo hoo if you've had a hard life Boo hoo if you're unloved. Boo hoo if you got ass rammed by your fucking uncle. If it's all that bad, go see a fucking doctor about your insecurities and stop making us want to vomit with pics of you in ugly underwear. You all make me sick. And it's not just females either. I often see guys doing it too. Flashing their skinny little man tits around as if it's actually nice to see. Jesus... Put your ugly half-baked six pack away. We don't want to see that tiny dick of yours either.

Oh, don't forget the flirts of the whore world. There's nothing I hate more than people who use sites that are clearly not dating sites as such. If you are that fucking desperate, go hire a hooker, or failing that, go ass rape your family pet.

Next comes the elitist faggots. Christ people! You're on an internet forum, for Osiris' sake. It's not exactly the white house. I've had it up to here with little teenagers thinking they are awesome just because they are high in popularity chains of these silly places. Especially this one place I visit. You get 19 year olds honestly thinking they know everything just because they're attending some shitty little back country college. You often get younger kids going all nazi on you on subjects they wouldn't even have a clue about, just because they know they won't get in trouble. I don't get what is honestly so special about these social classes on forums these days. I mean, honestly. It's the kind of shit you expect from schools, but not when it's 20+ people on a discussion forum, or art community.

Emos. UGH. "Boo hoo, cry cry. I'M SO UNLOVED! I'm so SAAAAD. I'm gonna keel myself gaiz!" ... GOOD. Well, do it quietly. And pics plz, or it didn't happen. Oh, don't get me wrong. I feel for people with problems, but half the emo faggots you get whinging about stuff are fake. I used to be an Agony Aunt for a site back in 2000 and I got no end of fakers. It makes me sick to think that the people who do need help will get ignored. Oh, before I forget. YOU ARE NOT A VAMPIRE!

And finally on my whineathon we have the weeaboos. Jumping, flailing little morons who won't shut up about Naruto, Bleach and any other popular anime out at the time. We don't care if you think Sasuke is hot, or if you think NarutoxHinata is cute. We don't care if you've watched every episode of Bleach and have all the merchandise, even the Bleach toilet roll holder. We especially hate your Japanenglish. Screaming KAWAIIIIIII at every opportunity, or dropping desu at the end of every fucking sentence for no reason. Draw fanart, write god awful fanfiction, but PLEASE leave me out of it.

And to think that these people are the future... Worried

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Gods help us... :: Comments

Re: Gods help us...
Post on Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:39 am by Denial
elodie612 wrote:
personally i think you are quite correst and you are awesome for posting this,and even though i'm a n00b, i'm only a n00b in the since that i'm not familiar with this site or forum's at all, but i learn quite quickly.

Well, considering there is a difference between 'n00b' and 'newb', I don't think you have to worry.
Re: Gods help us...
Post on Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:08 pm by elodie612
personally i think you are quite correst and you are awesome for posting this,and even though i'm a n00b, i'm only a n00b in the since that i'm not familiar with this site or forum's at all, but i learn quite quickly. btw i totally agree with you when you say that weeaboos (as you call them) are quite horrble. so what if they think naruto and bleach are awesome (which they are not... i personally can't stand them...) they don't need to scream about it... and tyler... before you say anything about it... i must admit when i was younger, around thirteen or fourteen, maybe even fifteen, i too would do that, but there is still no reason to bring it to a rather fair site.
Re: Gods help us...
Post on Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:57 am by Denial
BBS wrote:
Axel. This is pure....EPIC! I read this and I just...died laughing. It is funny and I could not agree more. I also know who some of your examples are lol. Oh BTW. I'm a vampire.

Re: Gods help us...
Post on Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:16 pm by BBS
Axel. This is pure....EPIC! I read this and I just...died laughing. It is funny and I could not agree more. I also know who some of your examples are lol. Oh BTW. I'm a vampire.
Re: Gods help us...
Post on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:01 am by MandaNoel07
LMAO! That's hilarious. I love it. <3 So true too. Sadly they'll never learn of their illnesses. They don't realize they're there. D: Someone should push them off a cliff. >.>
Re: Gods help us...
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Gods help us...

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