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 AWOC's New Site Now LIVE!

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Mouth Vacuum

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AWOC's New Site Now LIVE! Empty
PostSubject: AWOC's New Site Now LIVE!   AWOC's New Site Now LIVE! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 22, 2009 3:04 pm

AWOC's New Site Now LIVE! Welcom10
"Ay up, M'ducks!"

Yes, we have a brand new website!

Our other main site still exists, of course, but this new site offers
you the chance to join a profile site environment similar to Facebook
and Myspace. It has customisable profiles, a gallery for your art, an
oekaki board to draw in, a writing section for you to post your
literary work and member groups for you to join and/or create. It also
has the links to our popular forum, our advice service and, of course,
our store and other services.

Go ahead and join up for fun!

Sock Storage

AWOC's New Site Now LIVE! AxelalloyssockAWOC's New Site Now LIVE! Mrbedlamssock
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AWOC's New Site Now LIVE!
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