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 GACC 2009 - [15/8]

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Male Cancer Rabbit
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PostSubject: GACC 2009 - [15/8]   Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:57 am

a pic for da intro :

Hen + Tie = Suspect

:evil: I WIL KILL MEH LAZINESS!!! *shoots*

Now, i really am gonna write up meh said post. I initially thought to post at here first, but my new account malfunctioned somehow, n I got blocked TT.TT

Its very adventurous. I wanna do it again!!!! The thrills n the otaku willpower overload! N new frens! Not forgetting the skits n the commitee goofing off!!! Very energetic!!! HARUHI WIT GOD KNOWS! LELOUCH! CODE GEASS SKIT!!!! GAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDD!!!!!!! *headshot*

*ahem* To be honest, I planned it in a little less than a week, in the middle of the night, while chatting in theO, with brain shutting down, and posting it in my world very shortly afterwards, *draws breath* not counting that i just googled for a list of anime conventions, n picked one the closest to my date. *pant pant*


Now, in chronological order... :

*** ========== ***

6 days from anime con :

Sleep too lazy to rewrite... n also, the day I decided to go tp the anime con, like described above. *points up*


4 days b4 anime con :

Grin got teh list of do's and don't for anime con. From LovelyRisa.


2 nights b4 the anime con :

study a double-checking list, n everything seemed to be fine (no pic)...


the start of meh journey... n meh pics starts... NOW...
but its just a small archive tho...

Night at the beginning of the journey (14/08/2009) :

cheers At the bus stop. Pretty deserted... Well, this is the first part of my journey. One small step for me, one HOOGE LEAP for meh otakuness!!!

Goof off pic. Imma tired of waiting for the bus, for 3 F**KING HOURS late... n thats not me.

:| The bus finally arrived...

Finally, in da bus... Sleep SLEEP TIME... *snores*
Oh, wait, I just can't sleep throughout the journey... Otaku willpower started to rise, inability to sleep was one of its side effects...

Passed through an oil refinery area about 45 mins through the journey. Imma lucky that I got to see fire from the huge chimney-like gas pipes. Oh, how I love fire..... n explosives.... n exploding fire.... n firey explosion that throws out balls of napalm that explodes more n spewing more fire with exploding bullets n exploding shrapnel shooting at all possible direction n that the bullets explodes, raining even more shrapnel that pierces the quantum vacuum, sending virtual particles out that starts interacting with matter n explodies more n... *ranting goes on and on...*


The day of the anime con (15/08/2009) :

Arrived at the capital, at Hentian Putra, 1/2 of the going journey completed. Unfortunately, its still very early in the morning at 4 AM, n the ticket counter opens at 8 AM. With the abundance of snatch theft in the capital in general, I have to remain awake so that my lifeline (I.C. card, driving license, university card, etc...) won't be stolen away from meh. Its so damn full all the time tho, since its weekend and ppl start to take little holidays to catch buses to their hometown. Now you'll understand when I said that the chance of me getting stranded is greater than 20%.....

Got a monorail to another bus station, deeper in the town. I saw the infamous super-filthy river of the capital for the first time.... (I mean it, so damn filthy...). Its just a short 500m walk from the station, across the busy morning road. Obviously, the station is higher than ground level, but I'm pretty confused there. A guy told me how to buy tickets there, since the auto ticket machine broke. The station's pretty empty, too, ppl wanna stay home for the weekend, I think. Wit most H1N1 there, compared to the whole country, ppl tend to stay in more...

Bus ticket I bought there, going to Malacca. I just wanna kill them, bcoz there's no proper booking system, n I just bought this one off the booth, n I'm just lucky they have a few left. Damn broken old websites....

Hentian Puduraya, one of the necessary centres of the country's West Coast transportation network.9:07 PM, n pretty jam-packed, for a regular weekend day. I bet it's even more crowded on major holidays, when ppl start catching buses home, n bus companies churning up to 7 times the normal ticket quantity. A wait of another 2 hours, bought the ticket with a slight miscalculation of time lapses.

Boarded the bus at 11 AM. Got a seat beside a petite, pretty lady, a bit older than me. (she just completed her degree, while I'm in my first year). I managed to have her e-mail XDDD. No chance of me revealing it to ANYONE, ITS MINE... :evil:

I arrived at Melaka Central, the state's central bus station, at about 1:30 PM. Got a taxi shortly afterwards, right to the front of Malacca branch of Multimedia University in 20 minutes. :

It's a bit further inside though, at about 2 km walking distance. The event is organised by EMiNA, obviously 'anime' spelled backwards (I'm not sure though, but its banner is there).

The road leading to the place.

I turned right at a junction, n the first person I saw is this ppl. I GOT TO SEE COSPLAYERS FOR THE FIRST TIME, IN-PERSON!!!!! N ITS ALLEN FROM D-GRAY MAN!!!!! (I actually called him 'Allen', lol) This pic will go down to my otaku memories as my first actual memories of an anime con, up close.....

The place when I walked in. Sure is crowded. At 2 PM precisely. I recorded meh going into the hall :

Photobucket video : linky

LELOUCH N SUZAKU!!! *click* its a mystery how Lelouch is still alive though... *insert random lol statement here* I tried to ask them for their e-mail, but they declined TT.TT... They're Singaporeans, n I don't have a passport, or if I wanted to make one, but then, it costs money, for a damn swift 2-hour time it take to make one here...

ROAD KAMELOT WIT RERO!!! I just wanted to glomp her, but I have to restrain my own body from doing so, else I'll be possibly booted out. Have to be courteous n ask her for a pic. She's nice, even gave me a pose! *click*

HARUHI, wit another cosplay i can't remember... *click*

A place to assemble figurines...

LUCKY STAR... *click*

neko maid figurine Tsuruya n Mikuru-chan. TRIPLE THE MOENESS!!! *click*

Yuki n Asakura figurines....... *click*

The Vocaloid characters. Damn me dunno any of them other than Kagamine Rin... *click*

Naruto group cosplay. *click*

BIG K-ON BANNER!!! *clicketh*

figurine line-up! *click*

*incomplete, will edit later*

Last edited by LaviStrikesBack on Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:53 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : update)
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GACC 2009 - [15/8]
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