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 Why me?

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Ninja Spoon

Male Virgo Rabbit
Posts : 479
Join date : 2009-06-05
Age : 38
Location : London, UK

PostWhy me?

So as if having flu wasn't bad enough, now I break my little toe. Great. I can't even get my fucking shoe on! I had to go to work with one shoe and one slipper!

With that out of my system, I can tell you that nothing particularly exciting has happened, or is likely to happen any time soon. The only comfort I've had lately is my couch, my TV and my bottle of Jagermeister neatly tucked away in my bureau. I know I shouldn't drink with painkillers, but fuck it. Fuck it all. I couldn't care less right now. So many things are getting on my nerves, I really can't be bothered with all that rubbish.

I had some old lady hit me with her bag yesterday because I walked into her by mistake. I'm not exactly great at walking with a broken toe, for jesus' sake, yet she still thought she'd hit me anyway. Right in the balls. I nearly killed the old bitch. If one more old person takes a swing, I will not be held accountable for the OAP deaths that ensue. One more, I dare them. Crusty old farts.
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Why me?

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