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The Saucy Manager

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Okay, so it was a few days ago, actually more like a week ago, that I graduated from college. Technically it was just the community college, but it's the fact of the matter. I went to a community college before going to a University, because I wanted to make sure I was prepared for college and to take things slow. Good idea! I love college though.

Anyways, I graduated May 08, 2009. Sadly I wont get my degree for another 7 weeks. (All the grades weren't posted, so we get them in the mail.) It was weird walking through a line of people to shake hands with the dean of the school and have him tell you Congradulations.

My parents came to this event. Strangly, both of them cried. My daddy rarely cries, but when it comes to me and my sister for some reason he turns into a big baby, nothing wrong with a man crying though. XD I love my daddy dearly. I don't recall him crying at my sisters high school graduation, but both my high school and this one sent him into tears.

It's funny, because I was always their "problem child," without actually ever being a problem. I had a tendency to smart off or argue, but I never really went out and did anything too bad. The worst thing I think I did was when I turned 19 I snuck off and got a tattoo on my chest. I was an adult, but still, they were disappointed in me. I wanted to rebel though, I suppose, this was my way of doing it. I had always been the good girl. I was never allowed to do anything. I was barely allowed to spend the night with family, let alone go out with friends. I wanted to do something because I wanted to, not because they thought it was alright with my parents. I wanted a tattoo, asking them for permission was out of the question. So I got one. A nice little tattoo of cherries with devil tail, angel wings, and a halo. It says, "Sinfully Delicious." I sometimes regret getting that tattoo. It makes me feel trashy.

I have two tattoos now. The second one is roses going down the outside of my leg (not my calve, my leg). I got it about 7 or 8 months ago. It's really pretty. *sigh* I suppose we all make mistakes, and we all regret. Time goes on, and we move with it. I've done many things I'm proud of and few I regret. I'm a complicated little bugger.

So, here is my favorite graduation picture:

No Title 1 SANY0010-1

Muah is in the middle. The girl to my right with the dark hair is Barbara ( met her at college) and the other girl is Whitney, who I'm sure some of you will hear me talk alot about as time goes on (we've been friends since highschool). So, I graduated and I made the Dean's list and I have a scholarship to LMU (my university of choice), I think I'm doing pretty good. I just go with the flow.

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. ---Mark Twain
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