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 RAF Waddington International Air Show

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostRe: RAF Waddington International Air Show

I went with my folks to Waddington Air show at the RAF base there
yesterday. It's on every year for the whole weekend and I've never been
before. Tickets cost £17.00 and I figured, although early, it might be
nice as an early birthday gift for lee. Smile

started out ok. Got the car packed with picnicy stuff (IE: Sausage
rolls, cobs, crisps, fruit, etc.) and headed out at around 8:30AM. The
display started at 10.00AM and the AA routeplanner said that it was
50-something miles away, so it'd be (Roughly) a hour and a half journey
from here to there. When we hit the outskirts, however, it was apparent
that it was going to take longer. We hit the queue just before 10:00AM
and we didn't get out of it until 1:30/2:00PM. We missed the parachute
team and a few other displays, but thankfully the show didn't end till
5:00PM, so there was still a lot to go. We managed to watch the Red
Arrows from the traffic queue a few miles away and they even came
overhead a good many times, rattling the car windows and generally
sending us all into super-nerd mode.

then enjoyed watching the helicopter display. (Lynx or Black Cats, I
don;t recall which) It was bloody fantastic watching then to mid-air
nose and tail stands and spiralling round and round. Watching them made
your heart skip a beat for fear of the stalling.

Got there and
was herded into a reserve carpark in some farmers field. The main
parking space (The base itself) was full, so we had to make do with
over-spill parking instead. It wasn't too bad, although it sent my
allergies haywire. Got out the car and enjoyed it as the Blues (Blue
Eagles) started whooshing by overhead. We unloaded our food and started
the 2 mile-odd walk to the main static displays. We saw two gliders
start their display as we were walking.

Before we went any
further, Mom, Jen and Lee queued for the toilet. The line was real long
ad it took them forever. As they were queueing, a huge silver biplane
took off. I'm still unsure what it was, but it looked so heavy and
awkward in the air. The pilot was doing some stunts, but it was
awkward. It didn't stay up for long. The cutest part though was when it
took off. This little girl waved at it. I love you

they had finished at the awful toilet-roll-less portaloo's, the Chinook
took off. Whooh, is all I can say. The sound that made vibrated in your
chest. We get a lot fly over my village, but seeing it so close was
another thing. It was a gorgeous machine. Then we sat down at the side
of the runway and ate food as we watched the other goings on.

Blue Eagles again, I think. They were bloody noisy. Wink

After eating we walked around the static displays.

Static Display List

Hawk - 100 Sqn RAF Leeming
Chinook - 27 Sqn RAF Odiham
Griffin - 60 sqn RAF Shawbury
King Air - 45 Sqn RAF Cranwell
AW109E - 32 Sqn RAF Northolt
Grob 115E - Tutor - 7AEF / EMUAS RAF Cranwell
English Electric Lightning - 5 AC Sqn RAF Waddington (P)
F15C/D Strike Eagle - 493rd FS RAF Lakenheath
AN26 - Czech AF- Kebly
BAC 1-11 - Boscombe Down
Sea King Mk4X - Rotary Test Sqn, Boscombe Down
x2 Alpha Jets - Boscombe Down
Tucano - Central Flying School, RAF Cranwell
C130 Hercules - Austrian Air Force
CASA 295 - Polish AF - Team Orlik Support
C160 Transall - French AF- PDF Support
VC10 - 101 Sqn RAF Brize Norton
BAe Hawk T Mk1A - RN Standards Flt- Fly Navy 100 Scheme
Hawk TMk 2 - 19 Sqn RAF Valley
Vigilant TMk1 - 644 VGS RAF Syerston
Tornado F3 - 111 Sqn RAF Leuchars
C130K Hercules - 70 Sqn, RAF Lyneham
TORNADO GR4 - 15 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth
Harrier GR9 - 41(R) Sqn RAF Coningsby
Typhoon - 3 Sqn RAF Coningsby
Nimrod MR2 - RAF Kinloss
Nimrod R1 - 51 Sqn RAF Waddington
E3-D Sentry - 8/23 Sqn RAF Waddington
Sentinel R1 - 5(AC) Sqn RAF Waddington
Merlin - 28 Sqn RAF Benson
Puma - 33 Sqn RAF Benson
Puma - 230 Sqn RAF Aldergrove (Fireball Support)
Merlin - 814 Sqn Culdrose
Squirrel - 705 Sqn Shawbury
Jetstream - 750 Sqn RNAS Culdrose
Apache - AAC Middle Wallop
F-15E - 494th FS RAF Lakenheath
Boeing KC 135 - Mildenhall
C-21 - 86 Airlift Wg USAFE
Marchetti - Belgian Air Force
F4-F - Germany FW 71
F-16 - 322 RF Sqn Royal Netherlands Air Force
Fokker 50 - Netherlands
Dominie - 55 Sqn RAF Cranwell
Lynx - Netherlands
2 x F16 - Royal Norwegian AF
E-3F AWACS - French Air Force
UAV Display

were some fantastic machines there. You could even walk through an
AWACS. <3 Gorgeous. Of course, my favorite was the F15E. I got Ryan
to take a photo of me in front of it. I chose the Strike Eagle though.

As soon as Ryan sends me the photos, I'll be posting them up. Smile

Mom got her photo taken outside a Hercules. (The plane I was going to pilot before I backed down years ago.)

air display continued as we walked around the Classic Car section.
Mustangs, TVRs, you name it. Even old-timey fire trucks. <3 We made
our way to the stalls and things that were there. We found the Raptor
section. (Birds of prey) They were displaying their Barn Owl as usual
and allowing fols to stroke it. I felt sorry for the Snowy Owl, as it
looked tired, dehydrated and generally unimpressed. The Spitfire,
Lancaster and Hurricane made their rounds as we got to the tanks
section. That Lancaster had such presence. <3

more air-related antics as we continued. A stunt plane took to the
skies and did some amazing things. Barrel rolls, nose dives, you name
it. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

We saw an actual AWACS land that was on active duty, so that was awesome. Nice to know it never stops. Wink

was getting late, so we headed to the toilets again. As I was waiting
in the queue, I noticed an interesting aircraft in the distance taxiing
down from the hangar. Let's just say that the instant I saw it, I
didn't want to go to the toilet for fear of missing it. I did anyway
and thankfully I didn't miss it. It hadn't took off. I was a little
disappointed, to be honest. I was hoping for a kick-ass closing
display, but oh well. It was 5:00PM you see which was the time for the
end of the display. We were expecting to see the Red Arrows do their
final performance, but they took off giving us false hope and buggered
off. =/ We thought that that was the end of it and started the 2 mile
trek down the strip back to the car park. But then, about a quarter of
the way down we heard a roaring noise. What was that we heard? Up it
went. None other than the jet I'd seen before.

The Typhoon.

soared high and nose dived, pulling up at the last minute, banking
right, then left, then back up again. The roar was deafening. It was
fantastic! It must have been up for a good 15 minutes doing all kinds
of stunts and blasting us with it's fury. We think the pilot just
wanted some fun, as he wasn't actually scheduled for the last
performance. Everyone, and I mean everyone, stopped in their tracks
when they heard him take off. A huge sea of people stood there staring
up into the sky as this amazing machine cartwheeled and dived for their
viewing pleasure.

I would so go again. Although, next time I'm setting off at 6:00AM. Nyaa Oh, and I'm taking sunscreen. I look like a reverse panda! I have real bad sunburn. >_O
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RAF Waddington International Air Show :: Comments

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RAF Waddington International Air Show

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