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 Hedges and Whatnot

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostRe: Hedges and Whatnot

I haven't really updated in the little while, so I figured I should probably start doing this again now, while I remember.

Went up Ripley today to pick up my new pair of glasses.

(Sorry about my hair, I just washed the bugger.)

My old pair broke a year and a half ago, so I've been without glasses since. I only need them for close work, because I'm seriously long-sighted. I had my old once nearly 6 years, so I was well pissed off when they bust. I took such good care of them and I found them in a heap on my settee!

Anyway, it was amusing, because I got a choice of case. They still have the same cases as when I got my last pair! That transparent fluorescent orange sort! xD I went for the transparent fluorescent blue one insted though. I want it last time, but they had none left, just a display one.

Went to the library afterwards and Lee printed off his CV and checked a few sites. (Not this one though, booo. Angry) While he was faffing, I took a peek at Deathly Hallows for a laugh. The first line I read had an excruciatingly painful amount of comma usage. I mean, it should be illegal how many she used! Has she ever heard of actually shortnening her sentences? Nyaa Bleh...

After pottering around in the library a bit, we headed out and our stomachs were calling, so we decided to head to the cafe we went to last time. It was a regular greasy spoon a few years ago, but it's really nice now. Great value too. On our way there, we bumped into Jen. (Ryan's g/f) She was on the phone to Ryan at the time, but came off and said Hi and whatnot. We headed to the cafe and Lee had a full English brekkie, while I just had egg, chips and beans with a strawberry milkshake. Great food, really nice people too. (I think they are Turkish, actually.)

Got on the bus when it pulled into the market place and there was a hornet on it. The whole journey I had it right next to my friggin' face. It was cute and all, don't get me wrong, but that stinger looked awfully unpleasant. (And yes, those types AREN'T native either. We get a lot of instects over from Europe here.)

Got back home and ended up attacking the hedge. It was getting so long I could barely fit through my gate. I probably shouldn't, what with my arms being the way they are and everything, but I thought I might as well. Snip, snip. Sweep, sweep. INSTA-SHOWER! I was covered in spiders, greenfly and aphids, not to mention leaves and blisters from the hefty sweeping.

Feeling good about myself though.
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Hedges and Whatnot

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