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 Fail Boat!

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostRe: Fail Boat!

I tried to wrote this bastard yesterday, but due to being logged out, it got wiped! So, I shall try again...

I woke up the other morning after the most unusual dream. (9th) It began where I was part of some sort of group, or gang. It reminded me of the Yakuza, or something. I ended up shooting people in the face with a nail gun. It was awesome, because I shot this annoying bitch right in the eye. XD

Next minute, the dream changes (As my dreams tend to do) to me walking down the road to a car park that's a street or 2 away. (IRL.) Only, it wasn't exactly like it is IRL, as it wasn't actually much of a car park. It was a lake with an island on the other side with hills and a wood. The moon was shining through the trees and it was brilliant. I was with 2 other people and I was going down to the lake to use the water to tell one of the people their future, but ended up on the island looking up into the silhouetted trees watching these twins play with fireflies. The twins were wearing victorian school uniforms ( - Left and Right.) and then I found out it was actually God. :o

We were distracted once again by a small, old cottage with crumbling walls and cobwebs all over it. We decided to walk inside it and it was nothing but bare plaster and old, dry floor boards. We knew the place was supposed to be haunted, but that was the fun of it. We walked up stairs and walked into the front bedroom and I found a metal emblem impossibly embedded in the floor that I recognised to be something to do with the Knights Templar. But, before I had a chance to explain, we heard an odd noise and the front door downstairs bang, which was followed by heavy footsteps and the clanking of metal. The footsteps started coming up the stairs and we heard a horrible, grating voice say something to the effect of "Come out, I know you're in here!" So, we freaked and legged it into the back bedroom, shutting the door behind us. One of the people I was with noticed a small crawl space behind the far wall, but I couldn't fit in it, so me and the other person just cowered in the corner hoping the thing/person wouldn't enter the room. The footsteps stopped and we held our breath, when suddenly the door burst open and the thing (Which was a yellow-ish skinned spindley creature that was roughly 6 and a half feet high, had the body of an old man and the head of a long eared goblin creature.) shouted "HERE YOU ARE!" and grabbed my friend by her legs.

I woke up shortly after, dazed and confused.

Ended up going up Ripley to see if I could get my mother any new clothes and started off by heading to the 'Red Lion' ( ) for dinner before we looked around. I had a steak and ale pie with mash and veg and a Peroni to wash it down. <3

Headed to a travel agents to see if they could help us out, as we are looking at returning to Kos next year. All of us. Me, Lee, Mom, Ryan, Jen. But, alas, they aren't releasing the brochures for next year until July! I mean, wtf!? Pfft. Angry I guess we'll just have to wait...

Went to 'Peacocks' to see if there were any clothes for Ma, but she couldn't find anything. I did though, which I felt bad for. I bought a turquoise vest top ( ) and a white hooded top with a crocheted panel on the chest. ( ) £15 in total.

Didn't do much for the rest of the night, although we had pizza for tea. A deep dish pepperoni each ( ) and an interesting pizza with all kinds of shit on it. ( )

Woke up the following morning quite early after yet another interesting dream, but I can't remember it now. Worried

Couldn't be arsed to get up though, so I ended up just dossing about in bed until around 10/half past.

Went to the 'Poet and Castle' ( Menu - ) for our usual Sunday Carvery at 12:30PM. Had my usual turkey with mash, roasts, yorkshire pud, stuffing ball, cabbage, carrots and gravy. Washed it down with a decent guest ale on at the time called Cathedral. Tasted like Bibles. Nyaa

Got back home and shortly after me and Lee went for a walk up to 'Codnor Castle' ( ) and I, er... AHEM, got lost twice. Well, I haven't been on that walk for 2 or 3 years! And I'm used to there being a big assed open quarry there! Worried

Got back home and ordered a Dominos. We don't usually like it, but I decided to construct a large half and half on a Dominator base for us all. I did pretty well actually. If you want to try it, this is what I chose:

Half 1

  • Steak Slices
  • Meatballs
  • Mushrooms
  • Ground Beef

Half 2

  • Sundried tomato & garlic sauce (Instead of regular pizza sauce.)
  • Meatballs
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweetcorn

Half 2 was my favorite.

Had a mishap last night. Lee tripped over our RJ51 cable and snapped it, so we were without the internet until around 7PM this evening when Ryan let us borrow his spare one. We got into a cinversation about quantum physics and all that stuff. Started talking about particles and spin and how certain ones of a certain degree of spin don't look the same unless it's turned twice. Lol. Talk about mind buggery. :lol:


Woke up this morning and had some nice quality time with Lee. <3 Haven't done much other than wrote more of my two books. I thought I might as well, seeing as we had no internet. (I'll EVENTUALLY get the bastards published. Angry)

Sitting here at the moment writing this while Lee is watching random Youtube videos about 'The hardest boss characters in games'.

I'm hungry... Worried
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Fail Boat!

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