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Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Omfg

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 Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box?

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Chat Box 1 (Main) or Chat Box 2 (Side Shout Box)?
Chat Box 1
Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Vote_lcap13%Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Vote_rcap
 13% [ 1 ]
Chat Box 2
Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Vote_lcap87%Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Vote_rcap
 87% [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 8

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Empty
PostSubject: Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box?   Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 7:27 am

As you can see, we recently installed a new style chat box in the right hand widget column. This is merely experimental for the moment and what we want to know is, which do you prefer? The original chatbox? Or the new shout-box style chat box?

Pros & Cons

Chatbox (Original - Large black box on main page. )


Moderator assignment feature.
Log in/Log out feature so constant chat doesn't slow you down.
Away feature with customisable 'reason' field.
Allows BBCode image script.


Non-customisable. (IE: Avatars, colours, size etc.)
Large presence.
Logs you out automatically after 15 minutes.
Glitchy text scrolling. (Sticks when there's large amounts of text/emotes.)
No word censoring.
Archives only go so far back.

Chat Box (New, shout-box style widget on the right of the screen. )


Customisable. (IE: Avatars, colours, size, emoticons.)
Word censoring.
Access for all, guests and members alike.
Widget and text always visible no matter what part of the forum you're on.
Archive feature.


Moderators must be pre-registered.
Possible spam threat.
Sometimes doesn't show messages.

So, which is it?

[Please Note: The losing box will be removed. ]
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Poll #4 - Chatbox, Or Chat Box?
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