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 Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic

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Mr Bedlam
Curry King
Curry King

Male Gemini Horse
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PostSubject: Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic   Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:36 am

This is
basically a rewrite of the bit in the series where it shows the viewers
the time when molly returned to M.A.D with Prince in toe.

I asked Axel to help me with this one as you can probably tell and it is currently untitled but ill think of a name soon enough. Enjoy!



Dr Claw had been developing new weapon systems at the time of 'her'
arrival. He was the kind of man who, even though he was evil, he had
some sort of soft side to him that few were able to see. Sure it wasn't
as soft as many may think when they hear that expression used, but it
was vastly different to his usual self.

It had been a very warm day and the afternoon was slowly drawing out into a balmy evening, replete with sweet smells drifting in the air and glowing sky. Of
course, Dr Claw had no time to notice such trivial things, as he was
far too busy testing his new guided missiles on near by farm animals.

A missile shot out from M.A.D HQ and blasted its way towards an
unsuspecting herd of cows. However, it swerved at the last minute, as
though some invisible force has belted it out the way. There wasn't any
invisble force, just bad workmanship on the part of the guidance

Dr Claw roared as it hit a patch of scrub some 30 yards away from his intended bovine victims. His voice had taken on a more meanacing tone as the months past, obviously signs of fatigue from the constant development. He was getting very fed up of delays and faliures.

The M.A.D Agent to his left, Agent Dick as he was known, was shaking in his boots. He knew that Claw would be turning his threats to him at any time soon, as he was almost like a second in command. But, luckily for him, something interrupted Claw, stopping him dead in his tracks, as he was just about to attack poor Dick for someone elses failure.

A voice echoed through the big room. It was a womans voice, chirpy and seductive.

Dr Claw turned his attention to the door, as the owner of the hypnotic voice walked around the corner and through the door.

"Well howdy chick, remember lil ol' me?"

"Molly? Is that you", asked a very baffled Agent Dick, his eyes squinting to try to figure out if he was hallucinating or not.

Dr Claw wasn't best pleased that he had spoken without being spoken to and
raised his fist to him, sending him screaming out the door to his left.

"Oh come on now, that wasn't very thoughtful of you was it", laughed Molly
as she walked up to Claw's chair and leaned against it folding her arms, "You could have stained your nice new gauntlets... They are new, right?"

Claw raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly. His face was a picture of frustration, confusion and alarm.

"What are you doing here?"

Molly giggled to herself and shifted her weight from one foot to the other and adjusted one of her dress straps.

"I missed you chick, why else would I be back?"

There was a slight pause where the two stared each other out, not believing that neither had changed in the slightest.

"Oh and I think you might be interested in something I have for you",
exclaimed Molly while winking, "Just one second, I'll be right back."

With that she dashed out the door and around the corner, only to return a
few minutes later hand in hand with a little brown haired girl. The
girl looked slightly startled by the vastness of the M.A.D HQ and was
craning her neck with wide eyes. She had her long brown hair in a plait
that was trailing down her back and was wearing a white knitted cardigan, a blue flowery dress and very frilly socks.

Claw sat bolt upright and all the Agents in the room stopped what they were
doing and stared. The presence of a child in the HQ was not a common sight and few even dropped their tools on the floor with a loud clang noise.

The little girl tugged at Molly's black glove and stared up at her.

"Mommy, why are they looking at me like that?"

"It is because you are the prettiest thing they have ever seen, pookie",
she raised her head to look at all the staring Agents, then looked back
down at the frightened youngster, "Besides me, of course."

She then led her towards Claw and stopped, crouched down and patted the girl's head.

"Say hello to daddy, pookie."

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The Curious One

Male Leo Dragon
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic   Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:01 am

Oh. Since this is a prologue, I will of course be expecting to read more! Not bad with the character portrayals! What's more, I wasn't tempted to look away while reading. So kudos to you on that achievement!

But I'm definitely looking forward to a Chapter. king
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Zapher Tivien

Male Aries Buffalo
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic   Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:00 am

Thats awesome! I agrree with wayward. i cant wait 2 see more
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PostSubject: Re: Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic   

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Currently Untitled GGGs Fanfic
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