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 Sign Up Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)

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PostSubject: Sign Up Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)   Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:22 am

The rules are pretty much straightforward enough.

To the RP Creator

  1. Sign up threads are to be created at the same time as the RP's Character Creation thread, but BEFORE posting the actual RP thread.
  2. You MUST give the title of the RP in your sign up thread title field with 'Sign ups' written afterwards. (IE: The Dark Prince Sign Ups)
  3. Add any requests in the title (IE: 'Open for all', or 'Friends Only', or 'Invite Only'.) For example: The Dark Prince Sign Ups (Friends Only)
  4. You can only have 3 RPs going at any time. We don't want people to create a huge number of RPs only to have them die a day after being opened.
  5. Your Sign Up thread must include a detailed description of the plot and any canon characters. For example, if your RP has set characters and doesn't allow for original characters, list the characters, their traits, personality, appearance (Images will help) and any other details you think will be needed. Also detail your rules. What you DON'T want going on. For example, you might want to keep it realistic, so you may add 'No vampires, or magic.'
  6. Before you can start your RP, you MUST have 5 people signed up. And remember to request that your thread be closed once you have all the members you need/want.

To the Members Signing Up

  1. You may sign up to 3 RPs at any given time. No more.
  2. The RP Creator has the right to refuse you. Do not be offended if they do.
  3. Only apply once you've created your character in the RPs Character Creation thread.
  4. Only one application is needed. Do NOT keep posting saying 'I WANT TO JOIN'.
  5. To apply, post the link to your created character in the RP Character Creation thread and state if you can post regularly or not.
  6. Do NOT apply if you know you can't be active. RPs are ruined by inactivity.
  7. Make sure if you are applying to be a canon character that you know enough about them before applying.

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Sign Up Rules (Please Read Before Posting!)
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