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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

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PostSubject: Writing Rules (PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!)   Fri May 01, 2009 2:58 am

Obviously we have rules, regardless of how easy-going here at AWOC we are. We ask everyone to follow these rules, lest they be smited into the fiery depths of heeroyuey's butt.

That said, I will post a Writing 'Do's & Don'ts'.


  • Post other peoples work.
  • Post ANY mature content.* That is what 'Writing 18+' is for. (Any mature content posted in here will NOT be moved. Instead it will be deleted without warning. Learn the rules carefull!)
  • Double post just to 'bump' the topic.
  • Be impolite while giving or receiving comments and criticism. Anyone found flaming another person for no reason will be punted into next week with the metaphorical iron boot.
  • Post one word, seriously short, or emoticon based comments. These artists are not here to hear "Cute Smile Smile Smile Grin bounce alien cat "
  • Deviate from these rules. I mean it! Don't!


  • Post YOUR writing, be it a short poem, or a full-blown novel.
  • Double post ONLY if it contains a new chapter.
  • Be polite a respectful when giving and receiving comments and criticism.
  • Keep to the above 'Don't' rules at all times.
  • Have fun!


Here is an example of good C&C:

Quote :
Hi there.

I really like your writing. The idea behind it and your characters are fantastic. I like the way you describe the pain of your main character as he fights to protect his family. It really brings out the humanity. But, I do think that the grammar and punctuation needs a little bit of work. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to look at some guides online to help you for when you write your next one, yes?

(Provide links if you can)

Either way, good job. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Here is an example of bad C&C:

Quote :
OMG! I dont like it!!!!1 Ur fics suck! come bck when u get sum talent noob.

Or, alternatively:

Quote :


Quote :

[* What is considered 'Mature Content'? - Anything with an overly-violent theme, sexual content, descriptive graphic nudity, drug use, alcohol use, etc etc. ]
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