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 The Last Remnant - Hands on report

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PostSubject: The Last Remnant - Hands on report   Fri May 22, 2009 2:58 am

After installing the game (it occupies 9.8GB of HDD space) and the graphics is easily maxed out because it utilizes the Unreal 3 engine. (My specs isn't that up to date C2D 6400 OC to 3Ghz, 4GB DDR II 800 ram and XFX Geforce 9800GTX+)

Game throws you in a quite advanced battle, but no matter how you do, its scripted to take you to the main character - Rush.

Then it starts easier with a bit of tutorial telling you what to do. From the first 30 minutes I played, I found out that one could have 5 characters in battle at once. Each character then can have their own "unions" or battalions. Each battalion can have quite a lot of troops in it but not sure how much. From this one can see the game would have quite a large army in later stages. But the weird thing is, after each battle, all your hp and mp recovers fully for the next battle. Wonder why they did that, probably the game is more strategy than RPG. But the items and equipment is still the same with other Square Enix games. Its a port from a console game, so the interface isn't the best out there. Mouse support very limited. But the gamepad support is very good (way better than GTA 4). The game's interface and tutorial remaps the buttons for your configuration. Thats quite nifty in my opinion and thank Square Enix for doing that to make our life easier.

The biggest disappointment for me is the cutscenes and CG are all rendered using the ingame engine (don't take me wrong, its not ugly) but I would love to see more of the high quality CGs Square Enix produces. One good thing is that Square Enix overcame the obstacle with the Unreal 3 Engine so that everyone doesn't have huge tree-trunk necks like every other game out there using the same engine.

Voice quality is above average, although I could download a 500MB Japanese voice package, but I think I'll stick to English for now.

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The Last Remnant - Hands on report
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