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 Axel's World of Crap™ Oekaki!

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PostSubject: Axel''s World of Crap™ Oekaki!   Axel's World of Crap™ Oekaki! Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 5:16 pm

Yes, that's right! We now have our own oekaki board!

What is an oekaki board, you ask?

An oekaki board is a special kind of site that allows you to draw pictures online. It works in a similar method to a forum, where the pictures get posted in columns, are ordered by the date they are drawn in and can be commented on.

How to use it.

Click on the link on the oekaki widget (Right of your screen) and the oekaki board will open. You will see a bar in front of you that says things like 'Mode' and 'Password to repaint' on it. This is your applet control panel. You use this to edit your canvas size and also edit your password should you want it there if someone tries to repaint it without your permission.

After you chose your mode, your password (If any) and your canvas size, click on the 'paint' button. This will load a page with the java applet on it. (Should you get any pop ups asking if you should allow something click yes, or you won't be able to use it!)

From then on, it's just like any old paint program. Once you have finished your drawing, press 'Save'. You will see two options. You can either save as a PNG file, or as a JPG. There you have it! Your picture will now be on display for the world to see and comment on!

NOTE: If you don't have the latest Java Update, it might not work correctly. Download it HERE!
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Axel's World of Crap™ Oekaki!
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