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 Local Dialect

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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

Female Capricorn Monkey
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PostSubject: Local Dialect   Thu May 14, 2009 12:43 pm

Local lingo. Local Dialect. Slang. Whatever you wish to call it, I'm sure you have some of it.

'Derbysharian', or, as it is called 'The Derbyshire Dialect', has been around for a very long time. It is native to Derbyshire and is likened to Rhyming slang in the fact that it is a variant of English.

Last year, I actually started writing a Derbysharian - English Dictionary, but I didn't finish it. ^_^; I am a fellow Derbysharian myself and by writing this, I hoped to help people outside of Derbyshire understand what we are saying. Or, more to the point, what I'm saying. Nyaa

This is what I have so far:


Agate - Busy or on Fire
Anklebiter - A Scrounger
Anna/Onna - Are not, aren't
Arkin - Listening
Asker - A newt
Awk about - To carry around
Ax/Ex - Ask
Ay up - Hi, Hello, a friendly greeting, as in "Ay up, me duck!" (South Derbyshire), or "Ay up, Surry!" (Mid and North Derbyshire)


Badly - Ill, poorly
Bagteel - A Wagtail (Bird)
Balm - Yeast
Banty-legged - Bow-legged
Bargin/Borgin - Boasting
Battlewig - Earwig
Be sed - That's enough, be told
Bill's mothers - A vague direction, over there, as in "It looks a bit black over Bill's mothers".
Bladder o lard - Bald
Blart - Bellow
Bobby's Job - An easy task, a sinecure
Bon/Bont - Burn, as in "I've gone and bont meself".
Bonk - An incline, hillside, slope (from 'bank'.)
Bonny - Chubby, healthy
Borrer - Lend, as in "Borrer us yer spade, me duck".
Bostin/Bossin - Bursting, full up
Brawn - Boar
Brig - A bridge
Brimmin - On heat
Bull week - Miner's term for the week before a holiday, when record amounts of coal are produced (and maximum bonuses are earned).


Chance child - Child born out of wedlock
Clackfart - Telltale
Cleck - Face
Council Pop - Tap water


Daddied ower - Tired
Dogshelf - Floor


Ere - Here


Firk - Scratch
Fossneck - Know-it-all
Fuddle - A small party/Bit of a do


Gleg - Look



Is sen - His self



Kecks - Trousers or underwear depending
Keen - Painful
Knockin' stick - Hammer
Knockometer - Hammer



Manchester screwdriver - Hammer


Nesh - Someone who feels the cold easy
Nowt - Nothing


Ower - Over
Owt - Anything


Pop - Fizzy drink




Scratin'/Scraitin' - Crying
Slops - Cops/Policemen
Slorm - To lounge around/To smear something
Smockravel(ed) - Confuse(ed)
Snap tin - Lunchbox
Stodged - Full up
Swilkerin' - To drink tea from a saucer


Tabs - Ears
Tatered/Taitered - Tired
Throttle - Strangle
Twave - Microwave




Wang - Throw
Wanky - Weak




So, what about you guys?
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Junior Member
Junior Member

Male Virgo Rat
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PostSubject: Re: Local Dialect   Sat May 30, 2009 7:35 am

Double-double- a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's with two creams and two sugars

Tuque- Hat

Eh- a spoken interjection to ascertain the comprehension, continued interest, agreement, etc., of the person or persons addressed ("That was a good game last night, eh?"). May also be used instead of "huh?" or "what?" meaning "please repeat or say again." Frequently mis-represented by Americans as A, or hey.

Hoser- Canadian loser

Canuck- A slang term for "Canadian"

Fire hall: fire station, firehouse

Garburator: a garbage disposal unit located beneath the drain of a kitchen sink.

Homo milk: homogenized milk, particularly with a fat content greater than 2%

Loonie: Canadian one dollar coin. Derived from the use of the loon on the reverse.

Newfie, Newf: A colloquial, often derisive term used to describe one who is from Newfoundland and Labrador.

Timbits: a brand name of donut (doughnut) holes made by Tim Hortons that has become a generic term

# toonie: Canadian two dollar coin. Modelled after loonie (q.v.). Also spelled tooney, twooney, twoonie, twonie, or twoney

There's some. lawl.
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Local Dialect
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