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 Christmas [25/12]

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Mouth Vacuum
Mouth Vacuum

Male Cancer Buffalo
Posts : 539
Join date : 2009-04-30
Age : 45
Location : UK

PostSubject: Christmas [25/12]   Tue May 12, 2009 1:52 pm

Merry Christmas!
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The Butt Dancing™ Admin
The Butt Dancing™ Admin

Female Capricorn Monkey
Posts : 637
Join date : 2009-04-29
Age : 85
Location : The Metropolitan Sock Museum

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:44 pm

Merry christmas guys. Well, more like 'Merry boxing day' for those who celebrate.

What did you get this year? Grin

My list:

  • New PJs. Red with monkeys on them.
  • New dressing gown. Lilac fleece. Cozy... <3
  • Knickers. Needed more. Nyaa
  • Socks. (I keep losing all mine. ;_; )
  • Box of mint Matchmakers. (Chocolate sticks with crunchy bits in them for those not familiar with them.)
  • Curious George stuffed toy with posable limbs. (Now all I need is a yellow hat for Lee. *Guffaw*
  • A new hat. Lumberjack style with turquoise and brown knitted top and brown fur on the ear flaps and head bit etc.
  • A card box to hold my Magic the Gathering cards in.
  • Star Trek (The new movie)
  • A box of Lindt choccies.
  • A tealight ornament. (Joint pressie with Lee.)
  • £50 movie card. (Joint with Lee again.)

I'll add the rest when I can remember them. ^^;

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Male Aquarius Horse
Posts : 229
Join date : 2009-07-16
Age : 28
Location : Redding, California

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:48 am

Happy christmas to all you Who's
here's what the grinch got for christmas

  • Spoiler:
and...thanks about though i am glad to be home and much less pissy and snappy xD

hope the rest of you had a good day though ^_^
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Posts : 9
Join date : 2009-12-15

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:57 am

Merry Late Christmas! Now it's can't wait till Happy New Year! But's back to college
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Mr Bedlam
Curry King
Curry King

Male Gemini Horse
Posts : 226
Join date : 2009-05-19
Age : 40
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:47 am

I got:

A chicken plushie from Axel.
A new toaster from Amy.
A pair of heart boxershorts from Nick. ( Oh boy )
A new personal organizer from Adam.
A 'make your own door sign' set from Dean.
An apron with the words 'Don't Panic' on it from Danny.
A pen set from Angelo with my name on it.
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Renegade Cupcake

Female Gemini Tiger
Posts : 47
Join date : 2009-07-18
Age : 32
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:04 pm

Was round axels for kissymas so i got lotsa foodz!!!!!!!!!!

i also got lotsa stuff from da guys lyk soap sets, make up and new clothes.
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The Saucy Manager
The Saucy Manager

Female Pisces Snake
Posts : 878
Join date : 2009-04-30
Age : 29
Location : The backroad sticks of Appalachia

PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:23 pm

I got....

About nine pairs of Jeans, three shirts, three night gowns, three pajama sets, two coats, a new watch (8.00, but it's cute), a necklace and earring set (cheap kind, but, bleh, I'm not complaining. xD), new cookware, new bake ware, lots of ladles and spatulas, a box of tea, lots of chocolate... and I think that's it. ._. Wow, that's alot. I feel blessed. OH OH!!! And Paul bought me a wolf card on Rappelz, (he used real money to get their money, to buy it for me :3) AND AXEL SENT ME THE CUTTEST CARD!! Grin I<3 it. I have it hanging up on my wall, still. xD and I think that's it. Smile Hope you all had a happy holiday. Smile

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. ---Mark Twain
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas [25/12]   

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Christmas [25/12]
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