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Axel's World of Crap™  Chatroom

Welcome to the help and guidelines page for the AWOC™ chatroom. Let's start by listing a few ground rules, so your chatting experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable.

  1. Try to keep swearing to a minimum. - While we aren't 100% strict on this, we do have some younger visitors who may not want to hear it.
  2. No adult content. - This is a 'kickban' offence.
  3. No trolling and/or general rude behavior. - We understand everyone needs their entertainment, but when it's at the expense of another person, it's not cool. You will be warned and, Osiris willing, you will be warned some more.
  4. No going against operators, or half-ops. - Their word is final.
  5. No op begging! You will be booted to kingdom come!
  6. No cloning! - This is a kickable offense. Yes, we know your IPs.

So long as you stick to these 6 rules, you'll be fine.

Now, let's move on to the general commands in our IRC chatroom.

First things first, registering a nickname.
When you join our chatroom, you will be asked to give your nickname. If you want to keep this nickname and make sure no one else steals it, you can register it. This also helps when you are given certain chatroom rights, as rights can only be given to a registered nickname.

To register your nickname, type the following when connected in chat:

/msg nickserv register [Password] [Email Address]

(Although, do NOT use the []'s, they are just there to denote custom content.)

This means that from now on this nick is yours and no one else can use it. Should they try, they will be prompted for a password and if they fail to give it, they'll have their name changed automatically to 'Guest' after a few minutes.

Because you have registered your nickname, you must ALWAYS remember to 'IDENTIFY' it when you rejoin chat. If you don't, you'll just keep changing back to 'Guest' over and over.

To do this, type the following:

/msg nickserv identify [Password]

Now, you don't have to use the same name all the time. Remember, you don't have to quit the applet to change your name. To change it while in chat, type:

/nick [Nickname]

To quit, type:

/quit [Your message here]


If you become a regular in our room, you'll be added to what is known as the 'voice list'. This means that if chat is set to +m mode (Moderated mode) you will still be able to talk, whereas anyone else (Besides operators) won't.

If you are a staff member on our forums, you will automatically be added to our operator list.